5 Ways to Pair Email Template and Landing Page Design to Garner Greater Conversions

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Chris Homan
By Chris Homan

October 2, 2018

There are several platforms you can use for email marketing, as well as building your landing pages. For the purposes of this article, however, any combination will do. As a top HubSpot digital marketing agency partner, we like to use Hubspot, and regularly use WordPress and other CMS platforms to build pages for our clients.

Here are a few points to improve your Inbound Marketing campaigns:

Landing Page Design / Branding

Consistency is key. It is important that the design of your landing pages and emails speak to each other, and carry branding elements, colors, fonts, images, buttons, and overall look & feel across both. Make a point to match fonts and white space on the page and in the email as much as possible. Obviously, include the same logo, and if possible, even use the same styling for social media icons, etc.

Copyrighting / CTA’s

An Inbound marketing campaign has several components that carry a user from a call to action, to a landing page, to a thank you page, as well as a set of automated email communication. With each of these components, streamlining the messaging as much as possible using the same vocabulary garners the best results. This includes the headline, subject line, intro copy, main offer bullets, CTA copy, and more. This consistency removes confusion and reinforces the brand in the eyes of the consumer.

The Strategy of Emails

When setting up your email drip campaign, or marketing automation, each email should have a concise goal and communicate in a clear fashion. The emails should have a natural flow, and work to identify where the customer lies in terms of a lifecycle stage. Depending on what message and CTA the user takes action on, it should inform you of their readiness to engage and level of interest.

Pro Tip: Use your Email Marketing tool to set up and associate each component with a “Campaign” for ease in reporting on statistics.

See the following examples of campaigns we have done that shows the above in action.

The WEBITMD Growth Stack

Legion Food Trucks

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