How Bots And AI Will Change The Way We Experience The Web

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Chris Homan
By Chris Homan

November 2, 2018

New advances in technology and software offerings are making it easier for content creators to take advantage of some pretty advanced tools. Live chat and bot platforms are just now starting to roll out on popular crm and marketing platforms, and the operating systems running our various pieces of technology are also becoming more integrated, and folding into smart platforms. In just a few more years, we could look around and see the internet and our interaction with it radically evolved.

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Bots and Artificial Intelligence

Hubspot, the marketing and sales platform loved by WEBITMD, recently rolled out the ability to create bots as part of it’s live chat functionality. In it’s current state, the offering is pretty simple: you set up a series of prerecorded responses and options to navigate through a tree of whatever sort of information you wish to present. This can help tremendously, by increasing touch points and assisting direct interaction, further qualifying leads, and freeing up us humans to do more important work. As a top digital marketing agency in Los Angeles competing with other firms to meet the demands of savvy businesses, this is a technology we use for growth marketing clients. 

Google Assistant, and soon to be Siri, Alexa and others, are also rolling out API’s allowing layers of smart bots to be integrated into their platforms. Want to order a pizza? “Hey, Google.” “Talk To Pizza Hut.” “Order a pepperoni pizza.” Or, “Alexa.. set up an appointment for lenscrafters next week.” Similar to Hubspot’s offering, major brands will be building their own tree on the respective platforms API’s, allowing for much quicker, less intrusive, and lower overhead tasks being completed. Machines aren’t quite taking over, but they are starting to help out a LOT more.

Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data, or the large server farms of information collected in every corner of the digital space, is starting to wake up, and make itself available to feed your new project. For a fee, of course. I wont go on a tangent of the individual being the “product” when it comes to free services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc; as I think we have a pretty good handle on this. Privacy aside (also a rabbit hole for another article), as content creators and business owners, we will very soon be able to benefit from this data in meaningful ways. Beyond just targeting and Paid Search Marketing. The possibilities are vast and scary (scary exciting?).

The Future of the Web

Purchasing and lifestyle decision’s further clarifying your digital identity are being identified as we speak, and platforms are crunching these numbers, and taking action. Watching, recording, and learning your preferences. Taking initiative in getting more meaningful content in front of you quicker and more often, and removing the opposite. You might notice your phone seeing an action you repeat regularly, and offer a solution to simplify, or remove it. Tend to dismiss a notification often? The system can notice and ask if you want to mute them. Expect this behavior to snake its way into every facet of our lives.

For better or worse, this pattern of growth is only going to accelerate, and as a marketing agency, WEBITMD plans on staying at the forefront of what it means to marketing, and how we help companies grow.

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