Ecommerce Marketing Tips for the 2020 Holiday Season

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Jason Patel
By Jason Patel

November 16, 2020

With the holidays approaching, it’s a great time to look at improving your digital ecommerce marketing strategies. From making sure your product is branded appropriately on social media to tracking the current industry trends, it has never been more important to focus your ecommerce marketing efforts on gaining new customers in time for the holidays.

Here are some ecommerce marketing tips to make the 2020 holiday season a success for your business:

Improve Ecommerce Marketing by Offering Discounts

This year, more than ever, is a great time to focus your ecommerce marketing around sales and discounts. The ecommerce space is competitive (as you already know) and offering “too good to pass up” discounts can help your business stand out and attract new or returning customers. 

Start your marketing early. Begin offering discounts right now as people have already begun doing their holiday shopping. In some parts of the world, shipping has been backed up as a result of the pandemic. As a result, consumers are shopping early to ensure their gifts arrive in time for the holidays. It is never too early to offer discounts. 

More People Will Shop Online Than Ever Before

If there is one positive for ecommerce this year it is that more people are going to shop online than in previous years. Forget the holiday shopping crowds and the Black Friday mobs; you can count on most shoppers to make their purchases online from their home computers this year. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye on your inventory — make sure you have enough inventory in stock in anticipation of more sales
  • Expand your target audience — use social media to target an audience that is accustomed to shopping at brick and mortar stores
  • Be mindful of changing customer needs — for example, if you are a clothing boutique, consider that people will buy fewer clothes to wear in the office and more comfortable clothes to wear while working from home

Put Your Data to Good Use

Use predictive analysis tools to help you forecast how much inventory to keep in stock and to help project how many customers you will have during the holidays. Monitor your social media pages to engage with customers and see which product advertisements consumers are responding positively to. 

Engage With Customers

Use your data to engage with customers. Let ads find you a target audience and reach out to them via email newsletters and social media campaigns. Post regularly on social media, and make sure your words and pictures are eye-catching and lure the consumer in.

Prepare Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Now!

There are a lot of ways you can improve your ecommerce marketing strategies during the 2020 holiday season. Partnering with a top ecommerce marketing agency can help you stay organized and give you the support you need to surpass your goals. To learn more about WEBITMD and our approach to digital marketing, check out this free guide and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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