3 Growth-Driven Ways to Reinvent Your Ecommerce Marketing

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Martin Andrews
By Martin Andrews

September 17, 2019

Can you remember the last time you made an innovative change to your ecommerce marketing and website, be it large or small? This involves taking a risk, and risk-taking is something many business owners fail to do from the fear they might create a negative impact on their growth. 

Taking a risk is much more than changing the location of buttons, adding a hero image, or creating new promotions. It’s about reinventing methodology, rediscovering your target customers, and choosing the right marketing channels. But not all businesses are the same, and this means an ecommerce marketing approach must be customized to the business’s customers and the company’s needs.

That said, this article will go over some of the most innovative ideas used by the best ecommerce marketing agencies that help companies achieve growth while reducing the risk factor by having skilled professionals call the shots with the business owner. 

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1. Add New Product Categories

One sure way to reinvent your ecommerce business is to add new product categories. Even if the possibilities include products that are minor, optimizing your site for these can lead customers to making bigger purchases, especially customers that are learning about your products for the first time, or the industry you are a part of.

For example, imagine a scuba diving equipment company that is purely ecommerce. Their big-ticket items are scuba certification classes, drysuits, wetsuits, regulators, BCDs and high-end underwater cameras. Clearly, these are the items they want to sell above all others. That said, the thought of creating a product page for snorkels, building an SEO strategy around them, investing in hours of dev work, and many other tactics seems like a waste of time and revenue on products with such a small return. But if the content on the product page is created in such a way that it targets the right buyers, and is structured in a way that draws a greater volume of traffic, and higher-quality traffic (meaning people who begin their buyer’s journey looking for snorkeling gear, but instead wind up buying scuba lessons and the appropriate equipment) then people looking for snorkels can potentially wind up spending $3,000 after looking for something that costs $30.

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2. Create a Digital Transformation Strategy

It is crystal clear that the retail industry is moving to ecommerce. That said, the ability to grow your brand digitally has become increasingly more difficult. According to ‘E-commerce Times’, 5,524 ecommerce businesses shut down in America alone.  For mid-size retail brands, this trend presents a major opportunity to take market share in their local areas, and at a national level, to grow in the shadows of Amazon and other gigantic retailer.

However, this growth requires a hefty digital transformation strategy executed by an experienced ecommerce marketing agency that offers custom growth marketing stacks, and a multi-channel approach to fueling ecommerce revenue gains. The fact is this: most mid-size retail companies are showing little movement in this area, and now is the time to strike while the ecommerce marketing iron is hot.

Most ecommerce businesses don’t even have a digital transformation strategy because they lack data science knowledge, aren’t embracing new technologies as a way to get a leg up on a competitive advantage. Instead, brands have inexperienced internal teams that create micro-strategies, reports, and dwell far away from digital transformation.

By adopting an innovative ecommerce marketing strategy that utilizes the right marketing channels aligning with your sales cycle, customers, and products, and that uses cutting-edge tech tools and a CRM to revamp their data infrastructure and manage generated leads, business owners can take advantage of machine learning, data lakes and data analysis to be the leader in their industry, and ecommerce marketing agencies that have sales enablement coaches, the latest in technology, SEO masters, and custom growth marketing stacks will create a tech-focused approach to analyze structured and unstructured data for years to come, from a variety of channels that appear on a single database.

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3. Build Departmental Silos and Data Pools to Align Sales & Ecommerce Marketing Teams

We briefly touched on data lakes, but let’s dive right into greater detail. Data lakes enable the ability to house unstructured data in a manner that allows everyone in the company to access data from any source. However, without savvy ecommerce marketing agencies, your data lake could evolve into a data swamp of murky water that makes it nearly impossible for team members to run queries and find relevant data. Also most centralized data can blow up in your face because brands lack the right technology and knowledge to sort through it and structure it properly. Growth-driven ecommerce marketing agencies already have this technology, and if a small yet vital piece is missing, they are able to integrate most SaaS tools into their CRM to support a mix of teams and their data by orchestrating individual data pols thus removing the need to force everyone to the same standards or having to make unnecessary data moves.

Once your sales and marketing teams have access to individual silos and data pools, they can stay abreast to one another’s strategies and activities, improve internal communication, and work more closely in an aligned relationship that will facilitate the reinvention of your ecommerce business.  For example, when marketing can get telling sales data to improve audience targeting through organic content, ecommerce SEO teams can optimize product descriptions that will rank for the right buyers, and provide a needs-based solution that will increase sales. 

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