3 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid During a Pandemic

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Monica Vargas
By Monica Vargas

May 29, 2020

In uncertain times, people look to their favorite brands as a voice of reassurance. With so many elements of our normal lives changing overnight, our marketing tactics need to change too. Some businesses have simply opted to go dark on the marketing front, perhaps because they’re afraid of sending the wrong message. While this may seem logical, the truth is, your customers still want to hear from you. You just have to make sure you’re saying the right thing. Here are some marketing mistakes to avoid during the pandemic.

Not Changing Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

The world is a little scary right now. Many people are out of work, away from loved ones, or unable to participate in their favorite activities. While people do crave normalcy, it is still a good idea to change up your content marketing strategy. Instead of your same old blog or video content, create something new. Keep it light, entertaining, and informative. Maybe offer your audience some helpful tips about staying healthy, or ideas for fun activities to do at home. Even a simple thank you can send a great message to your fans.

Create content that shows you understand that times are tough and that you care about the wellbeing of your customers. After all, customers are what keep your business going! So next time you prepare to post on Facebook or plan a blog post, don’t just offer up another promotional piece or a demo video, show that there are real people behind your business, and offer your support to those who matter the most, your fans! 

Address The Issue At Hand Responsibly 

Studies state that the pandemic may be drawing to a close, but your marketing strategy doesn’t have to wait. In fact, more than half of consumers want to hear about how their favorite brands are helping their communities during this time of crisis. So if you’re volunteering your time, making donations, or simply doing something nice for your neighbors, tell your audience that you’re taking action. While you don’t have to dive into scary details or depressing statistics, people are still looking for honest and authenticity now more than ever. Acknowledge what’s going on in a tactful and sensitive way. 

At the same time, be careful. Some brands have been caught offering less-than-tasteful messages. Stay away from videos that show a lot of human contact, or images that highlight activities that people can’t currently participate in (i.e. visiting parks or beaches, drinking in bars, etc.). 71% of respondents in a recent study said that if they think a brand is putting profit over the wellbeing of their customers during the pandemic, it will cause them to lose trust in that brand forever. 

Expecting People To Buy Now

A study conducted in March 2020 notes that nearly half of respondents said they are not eating out. 44% said they are not comfortable traveling outside for non-essential items. There’s no doubt that people’s buying behaviors have changed, especially with so many people losing their jobs or having their hours cut. But even if people aren’t buying like they were pre-pandemic, you can gear your marketing efforts towards retaining customers and keeping them engaged as an investment into your brand’s future. 

As a marketer, you know how important it is to stay on top of trends and pivot your content marketing strategy based on those trends. With the COVID-19 pandemic at the forefront of people’s minds, craft your content carefully and with compassion. For more marketing tips on how to take your business to the next level, WEBITMD is here to help!
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