4 Signs Your Digital Marketing Agency Has You on Autopilot

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Andrew Copeland
By Andrew Copeland

September 23, 2020

You are feeling underwhelmed by the results your digital marketing agency is providing. Maybe even a little bit frustrated; maybe even a little bit annoyed.

After all, you invested heavily in digital marketing because you wanted to grow your business and you just haven’t seen any momentum lately. So what’s the problem? Is it the business? Is it outside circumstances? Or is it your agency partner? 

It should be fairly obvious when your digital marketing agency puts your account on the back burner. Communication becomes less frequent, new ideas are few and far between, and ultimately the results remain stagnant. If this is the case, your business might benefit from a different approach. 

Use the points outlined in this blog post to determine if you are a still priority for your agency partner, or if it is time to shake things up. 

1. Your Digital Marketing Agency Isn’t Being Proactive

When was the last time your agency partner reached out to schedule a meeting with you? Maybe it wasn’t so long ago, but how frequently does that occur?

Your marketing agency should reach out at least once a quarter to discuss results. And that is the absolute bare minimum. Monthly meetings to discuss your progress and reporting metrics are usually preferred. These meetings should cover the following points:

  • What is the current roadmap?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What is needed from me?
  • How are things going?
  • Are there any opportunities we should seize?
  • Other important items

The point is that your agency should be taking a proactive approach to make sure things are going well. If all they do is send you a report with some positive metrics at the end of the month, chances are they have got your account on cruise control and this is as good as it’s going to get. 

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2. They Don’t Ask About Wins/Losses Anymore

A good digital marketing agency knows that the job isn’t done once they hand over the leads. They want to ensure that the work they do is translating into new revenue. After all, “your success is our success” is the motto of winning agencies.

This means that your agency partner should be following up now and then to inquire about the leads they brought you. If the leads aren’t turning into new deals, then that is a signal that they are low quality. A good agency partner will want to ask you about your wins and losses on a regular basis so they know how to adjust their strategy and produce more wins for you.

3. You Are Getting Fewer Updates

The job of a digital marketing agency is to stay on top of new trends, tools, and tactics. They should also be bringing any relevant updates to your attention. For example, if there is a new tool or integration available that could help you, it is your agency’s job to bring it to your attention. Some of the more common updates you should expect from your digital marketing agency include:

  • New products or tools
  • New trends or tactics
  • Changes in consumer behavior
  • Google algorithm changes
  • What your competitors are doing

If you start to feel like your agency just isn’t bringing much to the table anymore, that could be a sign that your business is no longer a priority for them. 

inbound marketing fail

4. The Needle Just Isn’t Moving

If, in addition to one or more of the above problems, you find that things are looking pretty flat, it could be time for a different approach. This isn’t to say you should immediately point the finger at your agency, though. There are lots of reasons why your marketing might have flattened out, such as a pandemic, economic recession, seasonality, and a whole swath of other factors.

But if your agency is leaving a lot to be desired in other areas like communication and roadmapping, then it could be worth opening up a conversation about performance. 

You Deserve Better!

You invested in marketing for a reason. If you aren’t seeing the kind of return you expected, it is important to understand where the disconnect lies. The points outlined in this article will help you determine if your digital marketing agency still considers you a priority or an afterthought. 

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