6 Key Considerations When Expanding Your Marketing Tech Stack

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Janet Lee
By Janet Lee

April 23, 2021

Analyzing and optimizing your marketing efforts is an excellent way to perform better and achieve your ROI goals faster. With changing times, incorporating the right software and modern techs offers an opportunity to market effectively and grow your business. However, expanding your marketing tech stack to keep up with a pervasive growing business may become taxing for most marketers.

For this reason, we have highlighted crucial factors to consider when enlarging your marketing tech stack to keep up with digital technology trends. But first, let’s discuss what the marketing tech stack is all about.

What Is a Marketing Tech Stack?

Marketing technology describes software and technologies integrated into marketing campaigns to invite and retain customers into a brand. In other words, it is a collection of different software solutions adopted by marketers to help them plan, launch, track and optimize their marketing efforts and strategies. Also referred to as MarTech stack, marketing technology allows marketers to execute productive marketing campaigns and promote business growth.

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Factors To Consider When Expanding Your Martech

Because the marketing world is a non-stop trend, you should grow your marketing tech stack on time to get the best out of these tools. With that, here are key factors to consider when expanding your HubSpot Agency marketing tech stack.

Integration Capabilities

A Marketing tech stack involves different systems working together or sync to achieve a common goal of delivering effective marketing campaigns. When expanding your MarTech stack, make sure any software you introduce integrates readily with existing tools. Failure to which may consume more resources and time, making your marketing tech stack expansion worthless.

Consider Your Team’s Expertise and Goals.

Not all systems are ideal for your team and specific business goals. When expanding your MarTech stack, it is advisable to contemplate advanced techs to reach a wider audience and grow your brand. But always consider your marketing and sales goals, including the benefits each tool brings to your company.

Pricing Structure

When building your marketing technology, you are probably aware that each tool has its subscription requirements. Conversely, some charge based on contact or action limits allowable monthly. When expanding your marketing tech stack, it means adding more subscriptions and increased expenses. Hence, keeping an eye on your pricing structure is crucial besides having an organized spreadsheet to track your marketing campaign spending.

Standalone Platforms vs Analytics Platforms

You may consider standalone platforms, such as email marketing, or analytics platforms that combine various standalone technologies. Standalone platforms are a great option when looking to grow one or more tools on your MarTech while complete upgrades are best handled by marketing analytics platforms. Here, consider what your marketing technology needs before adopting any new software.

Simplicity and Long-Term Usage

When building or expanding your marketing technology, introducing new tools can be a nightmare down the road when you or your team is unfamiliar with them. Although the software is exciting, it may be for short-term use and affect your marketing campaign in the near future. Always consider the simplicity and long-term benefits of any tools you integrate into your marketing investment.

Team Adaptability

Sophisticated marketing tools can make your team unnerving or impact your existing marketing technologies negatively. Besides simplicity, you need tools your team can adapt quickly, allowing you to expand your MarTech stack seamlessly. Therefore, consider your budget and your team’s opinion regarding specific upgrades on your MarTech stack before onboarding the platform. Make your expansion interesting to your team to guarantee efficiency.

We Can Help

At WEBITMD, we understand how beneficial a marketing tech stack is to your growing business. But when looking to expand your marketing tools, it is essential to consider various factors to get the best out of your expansion. We can help you; contact us to learn more today!
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