How Smart is Your Phone?

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

November 17, 2009

The battle for the smartest phone has begun.

Since the beginning of the Blackberry other competitors have been designing and brainstorming for creating the next big hit. In today’s market for new smart phones, that can virtually do anything, competitors are really listening and accommodating their consumer’s wants and needs.

The iPhone, for example, gets a lot of attention from advertisers because studies have shown that their users can recall mobile ads more often than others.

Nielson Q3 data shows that Android users are surprisingly more likely to use mobile internet and video apps than iPhone users. Consumers of both these smart-phones are well ahead of the overall average user.

Most internet usage rates are accumulated from popular social networking sites. Recent studies show that iPhone owners are the most active on social networking sites, but Android owners are not far behind. On the other hand, Android-based users hold higher rates for using other activities such as capturing videos.

“Android users were more likely than iPhone owners to surf the Web and use maps and directions, according to an August 2009 study by the CFI Group. The survey also found that, while overall satisfaction with iPhones was somewhat higher than with Android devices, Android owners were happier than iPhone owners with those functions,” stated by

According to StatCounter, iPhone uses still hold the top place for most internet visits on a mobile device; more than 38% of mobile web activity came from iPhones. Less than 6% comes from Android-based devices.

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Written by: Samantha J. Stephan