What Can A Growth Marketing Agency Do for You, Exactly?

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Monica Vargas
By Monica Vargas

May 8, 2020

We live in a fast-paced world, this means that you can succeed more rapidly than you could imagine, but you can also fail faster than ever before as well. You want to make sure you avoid the latter, and there is no better antidote than a good growth marketing campaign from a talented growth marketing agency.  Here are some of the many things they can do for your agency and how it can positively affect your growth in ways unprecedented.

Stack It Up

One of the cornerstones of growth marketing services is what’s called a custom-stack marketing strategy. It is essentially a customized group of strategies and tools that can be implemented by a growth marketing agency to achieve and surpass your company’s sales and marketing goals. This is done by maximizing your traffic and then encouraging that traffic into more consistent conversions. This process also minimizes the risk you might think you are undertaking by trying out a new strategy because it is heavily data-focused and thus has consistent objective metrics to draw from when building your growth campaign. 

Facebook Utilization

Facebook is far more than a forum for soapboxes and memes, it can be a great place for businesses and their various brands to reach their audience more directly than ever before. Two things you need to nail before you go on to a successful Facebook campaign, you need to nail your demographic and make sure that a worthwhile percentage of them are regularly using the site, and most importantly the app. However, the majority of Facebook users are in the age range of 18-32 and the age group of 45-60 has grown over forty-one percent, which is a large demographic pool that you are likely to fall into so a successful Facebook campaign is very easily within reach for you and your company. 

One of the techniques a growth marketing agency will use in a Facebook campaign is utilizing a CRM to create customized content for individual buyers so you can be far more confident with your conversions. Another feature that Facebook offers that is invaluable to your organization, is its data-collection opportunities. People willingly comment and contribute their thoughts and feelings on your product or service, giving and endlessly updating well of data to draw from. 

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A Measured Response

Finally, one of the most useful things a growth marketing agency does for its clients is to collect a wealth of metrics on how your marketing campaigns are actually impacting your conversions and return on investment. One of the numerical indicators that agencies track is the success of your sales pipeline. They will gain insightful data on the length of sales cycles and the business won over the course of a quarter or other time span. Alongside this, agencies typically track the success in terms of return on investment, of various lead generation attempts. This factors in the cost of customer acquisition and how many conversions are being gained from given campaigns.

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