How Can Growth Marketing Turn Conversions into Clients?

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Monica Vargas
By Monica Vargas

April 20, 2020

You’ve been ranking high in Google searches.  Great! You have a measurable increase in traffic since last year.  Sweet!  

Despite all of this, your sales have remained the same.  Sigh.

You know as well as anyone that, without sales, traffic is just a number.  A gun without bullets. Bark without bite.

The problem?  Ultimately, it’s the lack of real conversion.  Not enough seekers are making the purchase, and you need to find out where exactly you’re losing them.  But how do you find how to fill the holes in a suboptimal sales funnel. A growth marketing  approach can help you find the answer.

Growth Marketing Leads to More Sales

A growth marketing agency is one of the best investments you can make to perk up your company’s lagging sales.  Combining data-driven methods with creativity and experience, the right growth marketing agency can truly transform how your potential customers are interacting with your online presence.  Some of the critical elements a growth marketer focuses on are:

1)  Optimizing the Sales Funnel

While a typical sales funnel includes the stages of awareness, interest, decision, and action, in reality, a sales funnel has many oft-overlooked sublayers.  Generally, these sublayers involve a healthy dose of behavioral psychology. By dissecting your target audience in earnest, as well as creating more realistic (and numerous) buyer personas, you can get a clearer picture of your product’s most promising users.  Also, a complete sales funnel is action-oriented, so designing it with the end behavior built-in will undoubtedly turn more leads into paying customers.

2)  Tracking the Buyer’s Journey

How does a typical user navigate your online conversion pipeline?  Why are so many dropping off? Where are you losing them? Understanding how an average user experiences you online–pre-purchase–can go a long way toward improving their overall experience.  Data is especially important here, as you need powerful AI-driven tools to extract the right information. The correct data will help you understand who you lost and where you lost them. WEBITMD uses HubSpot’s CRM technology to track the experience of your buyers and, just as importantly, your almost-buyers.  

3)  Improving on KPIs

What is the length of your sales cycle?  How many deals have you closed? What is the size of a typical transaction?  These are all classic key performance indicators, many of which you may already understand.  But are they appropriate for your company? Is what you’re measuring aligned with your organization’s end goal?  Of course, sales are the end goal. But how is your company’s approach to sales reflected in its KPI’s? You may be measuring the wrong indicators.  You may be overlooking essential indicators as well. WEBITMD’s inbound marketing technology can provide the data necessary to gauge performance accurately.  From here, it becomes easier to improve on each KPI.

Growth marketing proves itself, time and again, to be the rocket boost that launches a company’s sales to the next level.  WEBITMD’s  technology and experience show in our long track record of companies who experience growth through our strategies.  A conversation is the best next step you can take. 
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