Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency: Why CFOs are Investing in Growth Marketing Stacks

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Emma Gasko
By Emma Gasko

March 11, 2019

As the senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of your company, you have some primary responsibilities that include managing the financial actions of your company. These duties revolve around tracking cash flow, ensuring ROI, analyzing your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and coming up with corrective actions.

Now you may be wondering why this article is stating the obvious and already telling you what you know: the ins and outs of your job responsibilities. What if the solution to your marketing needs could also serve as a major catalyst for helping you better perform ALL of your duties so that you get the best results while streamlining your tasks for greater ease? From cutting costs to improving efficiency and simultaneously proving ROI along the way, investing with digital marketing agencies offering a Growth Stack can be the single most important thing a CFO does for their organization, and for securing their career.

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What Exactly is a Growth Marketing Stack?

A Growth Marketing Stack is a hand-picked selection of strategies and tools customized to run in total alignment to help businesses achieve its specific goals. In other words, rather than investing in SEO and PPC to hit your revenue targets, a Growth Stack may include these strategies, coupled with others like inbound marketing, and use various tech tools that integrate into the hub of your control center–a robust CRM that automates marketing campaigns, manages leads, and collects crucial data needed for optimizing various components of the overarching strategy.

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How Growth Stacks Cut Costs

Most organizations directly attribute financial stability to managing internal operations for efficiency and ensuring revenue growth. Growth Marketing Stacks help reduce spend because the technology reduces a team of 10 people down to one or two people. Right off the bat, a Growth Stack enables greater earnings because it eliminates the need for large teams to run and manage campaigns. Growth marketing stacks allow CFOs to either eliminate the $50K+ per year for each employee, or take those salaries and invest the people into other arms of the organization’s growth.

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Greater Efficiency is Guaranteed, and with that Comes Cost Reduction

Three of the most common culprits for exasperating cost reside in a lack of internal management at the task level, leads slipping through cracks, and the unavoidable sting of human error that exists within teams of people–all three of these coincide and feed from each other.

Growth Marketing Stacks make these pain points a thing of the past. In terms of challenges faced with internal management and all the time involved in training internal members, and the time they spend in overseeing operations, a Growth Marketing Stack can perform these responsibilities with no need for training or adhering to timeframes. CRMs like HubSpot can be programmed to manage a custom workflow of tasks, apoint and monitor responsibilities, and even create opportunities for additional growth opportunities. The marketing automation piece is set to deliver custom messaging, at a precise time, to unique segments of your buyer audience, while tracking your customer’s journey through a sales funnel. This is when additional content is sent to nurture leads, based on their specific needs, while reports are sent to a single person managing campaign results.

While human error often fails to pinpoint gaps where leads drop off, a Growth Stack’s technology not only identifies the holes, but provides high-level data showing how to ameliorate any situation with a corrective action that will foster efficiency and growth.  In addition, leads are not only scored and nurtured, but intimate information about these leads are captured, such as their identities, job titles, and the organization they work for. This information is fed to a channel where a single individual can analyze the data and use the information to enhance targeting strategies, and to improve direct sales.

A robust Growth Stack gives CFOs the ability to cut costs, improve efficiency, and significantly improve marketing performance while working with a lower budget thus making it a smart investment play.

Is a Custom Growth Stack Ideal to for Your Business Needs?

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