How Running SEO and Paid Media Together Improves Audience Targeting, Engagement and Sales

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Brian Miller
By Brian Miller

January 28, 2019

SEO and PPC work together to create a high-octane marketing vehicle. Just as there are a number of components that go into a Grand Prix winner (car’s aerodynamics, tires, petrol type, engine, driver, etc) so too are there multiple elements that makeup a high-performance digital marketing strategy.

If the sales cycle and business goals lineup, a growth marketing stack made of multiple technology pieces and strategies almost always provides the best solution. But not all businesses are ideal candidates for a Growth Stack, nor should they takes a unique client and a number of factors that need to align in order to be considered an ideal candidate for a growth marketing strategy as robust as this.

If the Growth Stack model is not right for your business, chances are high that a custom, modern approach to SEO with paid media services would be an ideal if, if fact, your goals include improving the volume and quality of traffic  to your website, as well as the number of visitors that convert to sales.

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How SEO and Paid Media Improve Audience Targeting

Before you can attract groups of people most likely to convert into paying customers, you must first identify who they are, segment them into groups, and determine the common objections, pain-points, and process they go through in the buyer’s journey in order to know what type of content and messaging is best suited, and SEO and paid media can work together do achieve these points.

SEO and PPC are two popular marketing strategies that do just that. The best growth-driven digital marketing agencies that run SEO and paid media together help to improve audience targeting significantly by leveraging each other’s data off one another from the discovery process all the way through to strategic execution, and beyond. For example, negative keywords in a paid media campaign can be shared with SEO strategists to improve organic audience targeting strategies. At the same time, data from organic traffic can be shared with paid media strategists to help target the right buyers.

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People Like to Buy from Authoritative Leaders – SEO & PPC Attract these Buyers & Give that Perception

We all know that consumers like to buy products with the reputation for being the best in the industry, from brands that appear to be superior. For example, over the past 20 years when first-time computer and repeat computer buyers were asked why they buy Apple instead of PC. Their answer was, and continues to be this: it’s a better computer. Whether you agree or disagree with their reasons, you can’t dispute the fact that Apple is associated with a stamp of excellence. And in order to attract buyers who want the best of the best and convert them into sales, your SEO and paid media strategies must be able to work together to achieve this goal.

When paid ads and organic results for the same product and from the same brand appear on the same results page in the search engine, the CTR increases by more than 82 percent, according to multiple studies.Simply occupying multiple spots on a single page in the search engines gives the impression that the company is authoritative because they are taking up more real estate than their competitors.

It is very common for companies that have high-price tag items to utilize paid media and SEO together to eliminate competition, drive brand awareness, and give the perception they dominate their industry by having greater exposure. Finally, part of this strategy falls into the realms of “the numbers game”: the more often your link is in someone’s face, the more clicks it will receive. The key is to make sure the ad copy and meta descriptions accurately reflect the product, offer, and any other information pertinent to converting sales.

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What if Your Company Fits Into the Bigger Growth Stack Picture?

While combining SEO with modern paid media trends can orchestrate ideal growth marketing strategies, it often makes sense to add additional strategies and tools such as the inbound methodology and marketing automation. Your company’s size, sales cycle, sales price will need to justify an overall digital marketing strategy os such depth. Growth Stacks save companies thousands of dollars a year by automating processes that take up valuable man hours, collect and segment valuable data that can be used to optimize the strategy, offers deeper insight into who your leads are, and prevents leads from slipping through the cracks while nurturing them with custom, sales-driven content. WEBITMD has discovery calls with prospective clients all the time to help them determine their true goals, and what it takes to achieve them. Give a Growth Marketing agency a call, and learn more about your options before settling on a single strategy.

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A hybrid SEO and paid media strategy may be your perfect fit. Or the Growth Stack might be more in line with helping you hit your sales goals. Download our FREE guide below, see if it makes sense for your business, and give us a call and together lets determine the best way to help your organization hit its growth goals!
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