How the RevOps Framework Supports Business Growth

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Shelby Catalano
By Shelby Catalano

July 21, 2022

To grow at a successful rate, you must achieve company-wide harmony to accurately tell the story of your business and predict future technology and initiatives. Revenue operations, or RevOps as the term has been shortened (in true marketing fashion), is described as the aggregation and silo breakdown of sales, marketing, and customer service operations working together to produce results. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning developments demand strategic value and agility to be injected into the interactions throughout the business. This collaboration of departments makes RevOps so incredibly useful. According to a report, 21% of companies with a RevOps function experience increased alignment between teams. This, alongside a strong Growth Stack, takes your business to the next level. 

Here are some ways you can utilize a RevOps framework to gain meaningful insights revenue that can be tied back to business initiatives. 

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What is a RevOps Framework?

Implementing new technologies that work cohesively between departments is vital for a meaningful RevOps framework. This team focuses on gaining buy-in with stakeholders while keeping the big picture and day-to-day details in mind, making these roles equally demanding and rewarding. 

While it’d be easy to simplify RevOps into a venn diagram of technology, people, and processes, ongoing agility, and always-learning mindset make this framework complex to fully describe, as different roles have different responsibilities in the world of RevOps. Its mission is to forecast how technology and business strategy must pivot to meet current and future company expectations. 

This may include:

  • Conversational intelligence
  • Guided selling
  • Contact capture
  • Sales enablement practices
  • Sales engagement platform 
  • Technology research 

These investments show that companies with a practical RevOps framework seek human-centric connection through online communication. Finding the best way to deploy this in your business is the fastest way to achieve growth. 

How Does RevOps Support Growth?

Teams that work together grow faster together. RevOps creates a constant collaboration stream, ensuring proper accountability with rapport across the business. Sales and marketing alignment, where revenue and pipeline goals are shared. Only 34% of companies have shared goals between the two departments ( report), which hurts long-term revenue numbers. 

It’s also worth noting with proper RevOps; you’ll have a shorter sales cycle and create happier customers who feel you understood their needs from the first outreach message sent. It’s that meaningful connection that makes all the difference in the world. And having a RevOps team, supported by a Growth Stack for accurate alignment, solely dedicated to creating a single source of truth supports accurate stats and a streamlined process throughout the buyer’s journey. 

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Define Your Framework for a Competitive Advantage

It’s still relatively early in the world of RevOps – only 48% of companies currently have a built-out function. By introducing this in your business, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the function within your organization to retain clients and evenly disseminate responsibilities and metrics between teams, so you get an accurate picture of how technology, people, and processes are working together. 

Having your teams align under the goal of boosting revenue will create healthy accountability and rally visibility into how you can use technology to continue improving everyday operations. 

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