How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy that Generates High Conversion Traffic

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Martin Andrews
By Martin Andrews

April 19, 2018

Driving traffic to a website is, without a doubt, one of the top expectations businesses have when partnering with a digital marketing agency. But if that traffic doesn’t translate into revenue, there is no value.

Back in the day clever SEO strategists could optimize web pages that lead people to a sales team. But in today’s standards this is a sale, outdated practice because buyers no longer rely on sales teams to educate them on making a purchasing decision. With the advancements in mobile search and the spread of smart home technology, today’s buyers perform their own research to get in depth knowledge about a product or a service before pulling the trigger on which to buy. In fact, today’s buyers even want to know how the products and services they are researching can improve their very lives.

This is why the best digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles begin the process with truly understanding their client’s buyers so they can engineer a strategy that will not only drive traffic, but convert visitors into revenue.

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Define Your Traffic Ideal Channels

There are a number of traffic channels you can incorporate into your growth strategy. But just because you can use them all doesn’t necessarily mean you should. If some channels drive a huge percentage of your traffic (and they are your largest conversion group) it would be better to allocate a generous portion of your budget to this channel as opposed to spreading it thin across multiple avenues. For example, let’s you your are the CFO for a brand in an industry that has little reach capabilities through organic search. Yet PPC and direct mail has consistently garnered revenue. Rather than spend an extra $1000 a month on SEO it would make more sense to increase your paid spend and send out a few strategic eblasts. Just because various channels exist doesn’t mean you need to OR SHOULD invest in them.

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Know Your Buyers (I Mean REALLY Understand Them)

There are a lot of digital marketers out there that half-ass their services, and one of the most notable insignias of a lazy marketer is failing to compile buyer personas on their client’s customers.

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a real customer that highlights multiple identifiers. These include age, income, family status, industry, job title, job responsibilities, how they measure their success at work, and even their hobbies. When you can understand buyers at this depth level, you can identify their true pains and needs. And when you have this knowledge you can create a strategy that delivers the potential buyers customized messaging that shows how the product or service will improve their life.

Conversion-Focused Landing Pages in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to create true conversion-focused landing pages you need to do a deep dive into your analytics to study how buyers engage with your content. If certain subjects on pages lead people to fill out a form or complete a purchase, they you know these pages are a good starting point for creating strategic landing pages to help with the conversion process. If you have marketing automation services, make sure you use this data and your buyer persona info from your inbound lists to send the right traffic to your conversion-focused landing pages.

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