How to Stay Productive at Work This Summer

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Brian Miller
By Brian Miller

July 27, 2020

It’s summertime, and everyone appreciates some time out to enjoy the sun during this season. Unfortunately, most employees are victims of the summer slump. Additionally, the current pandemic paired with remote work challenges is not making things any better for most workers. As much as that is the case, staying productive at work right now is a major challenge for most of us.

So, how do you ensure you achieve the most of every workday before setting out to enjoy some time outdoors? Here are a few tips for staying productive at work over summer.

Limit Distractions

The fact that you cannot control nature implies that you need to find ways to adapt this summer. Therefore, finding a healthy work/life balance work when the warm climate is beckoning outside your walls becomes critical. Be sure to take a healthy amount of breaks during your workday to get outside and enjoy the weather in 15 to 20-minute intervals (whatever is acceptable to your work culture).

It’s been proven that sunlight is necessary for our mental health and can actually increase productivity. Having some time to take a walk, enjoy a healthy snack, or relax the mind while basking under the sun, are all great ways to clear your mind and free yourself from mental distractions. In turn, you will discover that you can focus better and achieve more when you return to work after taking a short break. 

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Keep a Positive Mindset

Maintaining a positive outlook when every headline nowadays seems unpleasant is paramount. By doing so, you will be more productive at the office. Below are some of the things you can do to stay happy and cheerful, which will bear a positive impact on your productivity at the workplace.

  • Find the silver lining each day by brainstorming the positive things in your life. Also, take note of the good things that happen to you daily.
  • Spend time outside in between your work schedule doing what you enjoy.
  • Consider disconnecting if tracking daily headlines is making you upset or anxious. That way, you will remain positive by shutting out the bad news.
  • Appreciate the fact that you and your colleagues are human by avoiding perfectionism. That will help you understand that you, as well as other workers, can make mistakes. As a result, you can separate the individual from the issue at hand, find solutions quickly, and avoid lengthy discussions that may affect productivity at the workplace.

Create a Schedule for Each Day

In most cases, you can hardly achieve much at the office if you do not outline your goals and priorities for the day. For that reason, you need to have an organized to-do list. Such a schedule allows you to focus on office tasks you should complete daily over summer. After setting your goals, make a plan to help you achieve those objectives, and do not forget to include breaks and meal times.

Try as much as possible to stick to the schedule you create if you want to realize a desirable outcome. Additionally, checking items off your list will always provide you a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Staying Productive At Work This Summer

Summertime has always been full of distractions. But in 2020, most of us are facing more distractions and challenges than ever before. Use the tips above to get those most out of your days to maintain a productive work-life without spending ALL your time daydreaming.

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