How do I Know My Digital Marketing Agency Investment is Paying for Itself?

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Jason Patel
By Jason Patel

October 23, 2019

One of the biggest hesitations organizations and business owners face in entering an agreement with a Google partner digital marketing agency is that they have no guarantee their investment is paying off or helping them make a profit. Take SEO, for example: it is by far the most commonly invested in digital marketing strategy because it holds the greatest potential to generate traffic that will convert into buyers, but aside from Google Analytics opaque reporting, and a rankings report, brand’s still don’t have the ability to see where organic traffic came from, the journey they took to become a customer, and where they concerted from. For all you know, a conversion could come from direct traffic. 

Unfortunately, many SEO agencies have gifted talkers who function like car salesmen trying to justify every conversion as coming from the latest organic marketing campaign while bragging up rankings and on-site metrics like session durations and top visited pages. But this still doesn’t prove anything, nor does it show you where your invested dollars are really working to help you hit your revenue goals. This is why savvy organizations invest in growth marketing agencies using a multi-channel approach to driving, nurturing and converting traffic. And by the way, this custom approach allows brands to see where every cent was invested, and how many leads it helped generate and convert. 

This article is intended to help CEOs, CMOs, sales managers and marketing managers learn the value of growth marketing strategies, especially when it comes to getting that proof that your investment is justified based on the revenue it’s growing.

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A Digital Marketing Agency Needs the Right Tech Tools: Enter the Growth Marketing Stack

A growth marketing stack consists of an array of marketing strategies and tech tools all aligned to run together towards achieving the same goals. Unlike Google Analytics a CRM and marketing automation technology are used to attract traffic, generate leads, and nurture them until they become buyers. When leadership heads are putting pressure on their internal teams to prove value in a marketing investment, this is where a growth marketing stack shines: it increases traffic quantity and quality, churns more conversions, and allows internal teams to trace where every lead entered the funnel and where they converted thus justifying every cent of the investment, as well as which marketing channels are the most profitable. 

This strategy is ideal for organizations with longer sales cycles and that sell products and services with higher price-points, so make sure the digital marketing agency you consider contracting with does a thorough examination of your business model to see if a custom growth marketing stack makes sense.

Does a Growth Marketing Stack Make Sense for You and Your Digital Marketing Agency?

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