How to Market your Mobile App. iOS and Android Apps!

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

May 1, 2013

Not all online marketing professionals are well versed with mobile apps. Development of these apps is a different thing than website development. It needs deep understanding of various devices, platforms and tracking. Once you have developed an app, the next task lies in gaining presence for the app in the marketplace and getting downloads of it.

There are two ways which can be employed by users to search for your app, i.e. app stores or search engines. Luckily, there are no different methods for SEO optimization of mobile apps than websites. SEO operations for sites mainly comprise content optimization, building links and social media interaction. All these tactics can be employed for SEO of mobile apps also. Let’s see various SEO techniques-

App Store

Local Market– Users are more comfortable with the apps which are in their local language. Online marketers have understood its importance. Big app giants like Apple have recognized its prospects and are concentrating on developing local apps. This process is known as localization.


App Store– While submitting an app to the app store, you need to make the descriptive content as impressive as you can. The URL of the web page on which the app is hosted, should be having name of the app. The app should be submitted in the right category. Moreover, the keywords used for SEO optimization should be selected very carefully.

Mobile App Website Page– There should be a page on your business website for the app. The best thing will be to create a link between the website and the app stores. It makes the app look authentic to the users. And as they say, “Content is king”. Keep on updating the site with informative and useful content is the main part of any SEO campaign.

As stated in the beginning, SEO efforts for apps are almost similar to the websites. So if you want to boost your campaign, you can have good help from above suggestions.