The Best HubSpot Integrations for B2B Sales Teams

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Andrew Copeland
By Andrew Copeland

December 22, 2021

The HubSpot ecosystem contains over 1,000 HubSpot integrations to help users get more value from their CRM. Unless you work for HubSpot or are a dedicated HubSpot specialist, keeping track of all the different apps and integrations is next to impossible. 

HubSpot integrations cover all aspects of sales and marketing, from connecting your Gmail inbox to tracking website behavior and even automating your sales proposals. Trying to keep up with it all is a full-time job in and of itself. Lucky for you, we – as a HubSpot platinum partner – specialize in educating end-users and helping them navigate this complex world. 

Below are some of our favorite HubSpot integrations for B2B sales teams.

HubSpot Integrations

4 Top Hubspot Integrations For B2B Sales


vidyard logo

Vidyard is an online video platform that allows you to create and host video files. With Vidyard, you can quickly implement video content in your sales flow while keeping track of important metrics. The HubSpot integration makes it easy to embed videos into email and web pages while keeping track of engagement within a contact’s timeline, so you know when the best time to follow up is.

Why we like it:

Video is an easy way to personalize your follow-ups and build a rapport with opportunities and prospects. Vidyard makes it easy to incorporate video content into your sales process while also providing clear data points that tell you how well your videos resonate with your audience. 

How to Use It:

According to HubSpot, using the word “video” in your subject lines can increase your open rate by 5x. Video can also reduce your no-show rate and secure more in-person meetings at events and conferences. Your imagination only limits the opportunities for implementing Vidyard, but here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Use video at every step of the sales process – from prospecting to reviewing proposals – to build a rapport and differentiate yourself.
  • Send video reminders before your meetings to improve attendance rates
  • Use video to review proposals with your prospects and initiate a quick response
  • Use Vidyard’s Insights Dashboard to track and analyze your key metrics and understand which videos perform best.


proposify logo

Proposify is online proposal software that streamlines creating, delivering, and collecting business proposals. The Proposify + HubSpot integration lets you manage this entire process from within your CRM for even greater transparency between individual reps and departments.

Why we like it:

Proposify is one of the best tools for automating business proposals. The pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality save you a ton of time. You can also see if somebody has viewed your submission – or even just a portion of it – which is helpful when determining how or when to follow up. 

When integrated with HubSpot, Proposify allows you to create and edit proposals directly from the deal record. You can also see related activity instantly in your HubSpot timeline.

How to use it:

Integrating Proposify with HubSpot takes you one step closer to a fully centralized marketing and sales CRM. With proposify, you can:

  • Edit proposals directly within HubSpot
  • Attach proposals to deal records
  • See proposal activity in your HubSpot timeline


heymarket logo

Heymarket is a business texting platform that makes it easy to engage your contacts through SMS. It is TCPA compliant, so you can be sure your multichannel approach is also safe and secure. When integrated with HubSpot, Heymarket allows you to track communication history directly within your CRM and even set up automated SMS messaging using HubSpot workflows. 

Why we like it:

Heymarket makes it easy to automate SMS messaging and even keeps track of your conversations right there in the contact record. Individual sales reps can look back on previous conversations – just as you would do with email responses – to get a better idea of what the customer journey has been like up to that point. We like Heymarket because it lets you send text messages directly from HubSpot and is easier to work with than other SMS apps.

How to use it:

SMS open rates are almost always higher than email open rates. Studies show that SMS messages receive up to 98% open rates compared to the 20% average with email. But that doesn’t mean you should rely solely on text messages. Some of the prime use cases we have uncovered include:

  • Responding to customer requests
  • Sending meeting reminders
  • Sending follow-ups
  • Asking for feedback


SurveyMonkey is the leading online survey software that lets you create and send online surveys to your contacts. Are my sales demos helpful? How impressed are my prospects at this stage of the sales process? SurveyMonkey can help you answer these questions quickly and conveniently for everyone. And when integrated with HubSpot, SurveyMonkey lets you store this data directly within the CRM for easy access.

Why we like it:

Surveys are indispensable tools for marketing and sales. Sales teams can use this tool to gather valuable feedback on their performance and make the necessary adjustments. Companies can also use surveys to uncover why a deal was lost or won.

We like SurveyMonkey because it is easier to use than some of the other tools on the market, and it seamlessly integrates with the HubSpot CRM. With SurveyMonkey, responses will appear directly in the contact record for easy reference. You can also segment your contacts based on their response to key survey questions. 

How to use it:

Surveys can be used throughout the marketing and sales funnel. Here are a few ways that sales teams can utilize SurveyMonkey:

  • Asking for feedback during the sales process
  • Discovering why a deal was lost or won
  • Creating list segments and tailoring messaging according to survey responses

Using the Best Sales Tools to Improve Performance

Many great sales tools are available within the HubSpot ecosystem to help your team improve performance- too many to cover in a single blog post. The tools mentioned here are just a few of the ones we use the most often and are the most excited about. 

If you are currently using HubSpot or thinking about joining the community, we encourage you to explore the nearly 400 HubSpot Integrations available. Of course, you can always contact us if you need help making sense of it all. 

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