4 Ways HubSpot Improves Your Inbound Marketing and Sales

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Janet Lee
By Janet Lee

October 7, 2020

Inbound marketing delves into the content marketing and sales process with uttermost supremacy and exclusivity. A punchy inbound marketing strategy digs into the unique needs of the already impending clientele. It attracts the relevant audience by sharing valuable insights and solutions that empower them to achieve their daily goals. If you are still using multiple tools to keep track of your marketing efforts, adopting a centralized CRM like HubSpot can be a life changer. 

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Inbound Marketing and HubSpot—How Do They Relate?

HubSpot is the heart and soul of every successful inbound advertising campaign. It’s today’s favorite sales and advertising funnel. IT, service, marketing, and sales teams use it to develop and nurture lasting client relationships through the development of punchy custom email campaigns, landing pages, and CTAs.

How Can HubSpot Improve My Marketing Efforts?

HubSpot centralizes your company’s daily operations. It cuts short the lengthy and demanding work. Teams no longer have to log into different tools and softwares to complete different tasks. All the blogging, emailing, landing pages, SEO analytics, reporting, and management of social media accounts can be handled from one central hub.

If you aren’t familiar with what HubSpot can do, here are four primary ways the platform can improve your marketing and sales efforts:

1) Superior Analytics Tools

Calculating impression rates, knowing how many new people subscribed to your emails, and assessing your campaigns’ performance gives you an insight into your accomplishment, enabling you to adjust accordingly. HubSpot provides powerful custom tools to streamline how you assess different performance metrics, including retention time, clicks, conversion, impressions, and interactions. Quality and broad understanding of buyer behaviors simplifies the personalization of future inbound marketing efforts to optimize success.

2) Personalizes Your Inbound Campaigns to Target the Ideal Clients

HubSpot’s toolset uses graphic representations to determine your ideal customers and generate leads that match such clients’ unique personas. HubSpot’s CRM tools are built to ensure you can always create inbound campaigns exclusively targeted to your ideal clients. The idea is to ensure your teams adopt the best customers as per the business’ goals.

3) Optimal Content Personalization

Numbers don’t lie, and statistics are figurative representations of actuality. Personalized content is proven to sell 178% more and better compared to non-personalized content. Clients are looking for the most holistic and cooperative experiences when dealing with different businesses.

HubSpot presents several smart personalization tools to enable your teams to customize content to increase covnersions. HubSpot is the art of innovation that guarantees your customers, prospects, and leads the best experiences doing business with you.

4) Gets Your SEO Campaigns Rolling With Supremacy

The link between your business’s success and the efficiency of your SEO campaigns is directly proportional. HubSpot presents practical integrated SEO tools to enable your team to build authoritative SEO-optimized content to allow your brand or business to raise the search engine rankings with minimal hassle.

Additionally, HubSpot offers on-page SEO advice to enable your teams to create best-selling website pages, blog posts, and landing pages. They offer suggestions on the best topics, which will get your blog and web pages noticed and ranked higher.

Improving on Marketing and Sales Alignment

Adopting a centralized CRM like HubSpot is a key part of scaling your marketing and sales efforts. If you're thinking about migrating to a new CRM, download your free HubSpot Onboarding Checklist below to learn more about our process.

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