5 Blog Post Formats to Include in Your Content Strategy

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Jason Patel
By Jason Patel

June 29, 2021

All blog posts should share a few common traits (such as providing valuable information that solves for searcher intent, formatting that is easily scannable, and using strategic CTAs that lead your readers to the next step within your marketing funnel.) Changing up the blog post format for your posts allows you to organize them in a way that makes the content more digestible by the reader based on the purpose of the article.

Here are a few of the most popular blog post formats to include in your content strategy:

content marketing in 20215 Blog Post Formats to Include in Your Content Strategy

1. How-To Post

A how-to post, also known as a step-by-step guide, is a type of blog post that aims to educate your audience about how to complete a specific task or navigate a concept. These types of blog posts are especially useful when you include visual information such as charts, infographics, screenshots, or videos that will help your readers follow along seamlessly. 

Whether you’re providing step-by-step instructions for using one of your products or services or explaining an industry-related concept, how-to posts are a great way to deliver instructional information to your audience.

2. Definition Post

When you need to expand upon the definition of a term within your business or industry, this type of post is ideal. You can provide your readers with a broad overview of the term or concept and create a high-level look into what it entails. Definition posts can quickly and easily answer a searcher’s question to help them grasp the gist of a concept. This also provides you with an opportunity to link to another of your posts that provides more in-depth information on the topic.

3. List Post 

A list post, also commonly referred to as a “listicle” compiles a list of related topics or ideas into an easily digestible and quick-to-read article. These posts are typically not very in-depth, as they aim to provide a quick rundown of key concepts in an easy-to-scan list format.

4. FAQ Post

In a frequently asked questions blog post, you can take the opportunity to answer some of your business’s most commonly asked questions in one consolidated post. This can also provide a great opportunity for engagement with your audience since you’re taking the time to answer their questions in more depth.

5. Interview Post

Interviewing provides a unique opportunity for your business to build a relationship with another industry leader, increase your own brand’s credibility and thought leadership, and even cross-promote to your guest’s audience in addition to your own. While interviews are often enjoyable for your audience to listen to (such as in a podcast episode) or watch (such as a YouTube video), you can repurpose the content and turn the interview into a written transcript or interview-style blog post. This helps make your content available to a wider audience, since you can appeal to people who prefer different content mediums.

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