5 Lead Nurturing Tactics to Use In Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Janet Lee
By Janet Lee

February 12, 2021

Many businesses focus on lead generation, which is the first step in acquiring customers. However, inbound marketing isn’t only about the first conversion, which often means signing up a prospect to an email list. You also need a lead nurturing strategy to turn leads into paying customers. The following are 5 effective lead nurturing techniques that will boost your inbound marketing and help you acquire more customers.

1. Content Marketing is Crucial for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Content is still a key factor for informing and nurturing leads. It serves several functions, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise, rank for keywords, and explain the benefits of your business and products. For your content to help you boost your lead nurturing, make sure you address the interests and pain points of your audience. Create content in a variety of formats, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

2. Nurture Your Leads Consistently

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with lead nurturing is that they neglect to follow up consistently. It’s especially important to reach out to new leads right after they indicate interest. If leads don’t buy right after the first follow-up phone call or email, don’t give up. Keep following up regularly unless they specifically tell you they’re not interested (such as by unsubscribing from your list).

3. Develop a Lead Scoring System

Lead scoring gives you a way to measure the value of your leads and attach a number to each lead. There are different lead scoring systems, such as assigning a value between 1 and 100 to each lead. Values are based on criteria such as demographics (how closely does the lead match your buyer persona?), buying history, number of previous interactions, and other factors. Lead scoring isn’t infallible but it does help you quantify and prioritize your leads.

4. Use Strategic Retargeting

When done properly, retargeting is a powerful way to engage with leads. You can retarget on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to reach an audience that’s already shown an interest in your website, products, or services. Display retargeting is another option, allowing you to show leads display ads. You can set up display retargeting with Google and other platforms.

5. Implement a Multichannel Strategy

Today’s consumers use a variety of devices and channels. Don’t restrict yourself to a single channel such as email. You’ll have a better chance at engaging with leads if you reach out to them on multiple fronts, such as:

  • Your website and blog.
  • Social media —focus on the sites where your target audience is most active.
  • Email — Sending out a regular newsletter is useful. It’s also helpful to segment your list and send messages based on demographics and past actions.
  • Phone and text messaging — Phone calls are still an effective way to connect with leads. SMS or text message marketing is another way to reach out.

The key to a multichannel approach is to make it easy for leads to move seamlessly from one touchpoint to another. For example, include links to your social media pages on your website and in your emails. When you talk to leads directly, whether in person, online, or on the phone, you can also ask them how they prefer to be contacted.

Lead Nurturing Is Essential for Inbound Marketing

Nurturing your leads helps you get more out of your inbound marketing strategy. Once you acquire leads, you need to prioritize (or score) them, follow up, and reach them on multiple channels. If you need help with your lead nurturing or any other aspect of marketing, WEBITMD is an agency that helps businesses reach their growth potential. Our strategies can guide you to acquire and nurture more leads. To find out more about our services, contact us.

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