How to Write Content Dedicated to the Customer Experience

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Emma Gasko
By Emma Gasko

May 30, 2017

Although more businesses are recognizing the value of blogs and are therefore investing in them, very few are tailoring the content to offer a good customer experience but are instead focused solely on search engine optimization. Of course SEO is extremely important. After all, without an optimized search strategy nobody will find your content. That said, if the content isn’t written to delight and move your consumer audience, you will be missing out on a lot of extra revenue.

Studies prove that a well-optimized blog that is also written to enhance the customer experience helps with the following:

  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Extra referral traffic
  • More social shares and mentions
  • Enhancement in branding identity
  • Increase in web visitors
  • Longer session times
  • More conversions and paid transactions

Remember, people have a need or a pain and they are searching the Internet for light at the end of the tunnel. If you can communicate with your audience members in a way that speaks their language while showing how your products, services, or brand will solve their problems, improve their lives, and entertain them at the same time, you will have a winning strategy.

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Build Relationships via Personalized Content

Have you ever read a blog, article, or even a book and felt such a deep connection to the words and their message that it felt as if the content was written just for you? Finding content that delivers at this level is tough, but it shouldn’t be. You already have much of the data you need to do this, and there are tools out there to help you get the rest. You will first want to create a consumer model profile, or even a few. Each profile should reflect the type of person who typically engages with your brand and buys your product. Explore your analytics and study your customer’s involvement in social media to determine the average age, sex, hobbies, geographic location, income level, and their careers. Then look to see what kind of content they share, and what resonates with their emotions. Once you have this data, create a blog campaign shared by your social persona and direct it to these online groups.

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Tell a Story

We are all used to reading about product specs, customer reviews, and product-to-product comparisons as a way to judge a brand’s value. But telling a story about your brand and they way its products play roles into the lives of others touches a deeper chord in the consumer psyche while humanizing your business. Let the narrative show your product’s strong points; let a story reveal who loves your items, why, how they enhance one’s life, and showcase high quality. Do you have an online sporting goods store? Tell a story about how your annual sale on athletic shoes allowed a student athletes to purchase two pairs of running shoes each with a unique feature for various track and field events, allowing the person to get better times and make the varsity team. Let your readers experience previous customer journeys, and they too will feel that making a purchase will garner a big win of their own.

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Work With a Digital Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound marketing is all about the customer experience, and so too is the content. From blogs to email marketing, every piece of content is customized to target a particular consumer group, while nurturing them through a funnel that starts with discovery and concludes with a purchase and the buyer spreading your brand awareness to their sphere of influence. Look for a Google-partner digital marketing agency that specializes in inbound; go for a mid-size company that will deliver customized service, have a house of SEO experts, and know content marketing inside and out. You will get the white-glove customer service you deserve, and your story will be told through the power of innovative content catered to your clients.

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