How Hospitality Marketing Improves ADR, Occupancy & RevPAR Using Growth Stacks

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Brian Miller
By Brian Miller

December 28, 2018

As Director of Operations for your luxury hotel / resort property, you are well aware that performance is determined by examining your average daily rate, occupancy and RevPAR every quarter, and every year. What you are probably now aware of is how utilizing a custom growth marketing stack can improve all three of these and have a significant impact on your bottom line.

As we approach 2019, more luxury hotel properties are setting appointments with hospitality marketing agencies to explore growth solutions, and with good cause.

Here are some very telling statistics: According to the Brandon Gaille Group, luxury hotel groups are expected to see a five percent annualized rate of growth through 2028. In addition, upscale boutique hotels are on pace to outperform the top leaders in the luxury hospitality space. In roughly 10 years, smaller upscale properties and resort chains will be more popular than the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt, Fairmont, Four Seasons, JW Marriott and W Hotels. And in 2015 these generated more than $495 billion.

Growth opportunities are ample, but this means your competition is only going to get fiercer. This article is intended to help hotel marketing directors, operations directors and property owners understand the tremendous value that comes with investing in growth marketing strategies for hotels and resorts.

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What is a Growth Stack and Why is it Ideal for Hospitality Marketing?

A growth stack is a set of customized tools and strategies that work in synch to achieve the same goals. In regards to hospitality marketing, growth stacks are ideal because digital marketing agencies can set RevPAR, ADR and occupancy goals within the growth stack’s operational platform as steps for achieving precise high-revenue targets. All is measurable, scalable, and allows for dollars to be allocated to areas of the overall marketing strategy where growth is proven.

Growth stacks are also ideal for luxury hotel marketing because today’s guests are extremely particular about the properties they book. Your guests are looking for a lifestyle experience more than they are in arranging for  a “vacation”. In order to reach your target audience with content that showcases your property as the ideal lifestyle solution to their demanding needs, you must know your target audiences in fine detail, and send them messaging that resonates at an emotional level. Growth stacks are designed to do just that in a cost-effective and timely manner with no room for human error.

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Improving ADR and Other Metrics Begins With Knowing Your Guests

One of the biggest mistakes made by hotels is assuming to know their target guests, especially in a culture where the smallest things can lead to a booked room. Sure, hotels know certain data points on their guests such as average age, income level, career and family status. But this is basic information that offers zero value in terms of converting website visitors into booked guests.

Growth stacks can change the way hotels view their guests, and facilitate successful marketing strategies.  Any high-quality growth stack will have a powerful CRM that tracks engagement and collects data on those who visit your site.

For example, HubSpot goes above and beyond the limitations of Google Analytics by capturing data on your website visitors such as their names, the company they work for, and what their job title is. Growth marketing experts can use this information to find the lead’s various social media profiles, and sift through all the content to find the right kind of data necessary for crafting detailed buyer personas.

Once buyer personas are created, leads can be segmented into specific groups. Then marketing automation software kicks in to send people highly targeted content that speaks to their intimate needs. This is done in a manner that assumption-based standard content marketing can never operate.

Growth stacks are hyper valuable in the world of hospitality marketing because they nurture leads using the desired cadence, messaging, and audience targeting tactics. They also help attract that top-of-funnel traffic using multiple aligned strategies.

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Growth Stacks Attract Visitors, Create Leads & Book Guests Using SEO and Paid Media

Before you can delight a lead and book them as a guest, you must first attract them to your hotel property’s website or landing page. Top-of-funnel growth is a major component to hotel marketing SEO strategies, and to an overall hospitality growth stack.

Growth stacks typically utilize SEO and paid media strategies to attract top-of-funnel traffic to hotel and resort property websites. And the same rich data can be used to create customized organic search strategies and paid media campaigns like Facebook ads.

In order to get more leads that can be nurtured until they are ready to book a room, you must first attract the right kind of people. For paid search, this often requires social media advertising and display advertising as a way to get your site in front of the right target audiences. Once you have the right data on your guests, paid media experts can adjust their strategies to achieve goals. In this case, generate reservations.

As for organic search strategies, growth stacks work to collect intimate data on your guests that can be used to create the right keywords and search terms. These will revolve around longtail variations rich in topical and contextual attributes that, when used in optimized blog and web page content, attract people more likely to book a room than those cohorts of pointless looky loos drawn to more general, broad keywords.

In addition to optimizing blogs and top-level web pages in your site’s navigation, these buyer-focused keywords can also be used at the page level in optimizations. For example, page titles, H tags and meta descriptions can be re-written to improve the increase of high-quality organic search traffic coming into your site.

These keywords can also be used in creating articles to go off-site in blogs located on referring domains. The best growth marketing agencies for hotels are famously known for creating high-quality articles that address topics that hotel guests care about, and imbed buyer-focused keywords in the anchor texts that point back to the site. This improves SEO efforts and makes it easier for ideal guests to find the hotel properties they seek–yours.

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