How to Make Google AdWords Callout Extensions Your Friend

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Janet Lee
By Janet Lee

September 22, 2016

As a valued feature,  Google AdWords callout extensions provide the opportunity for concise descriptions of your business that clarify your brand and products or services. As a part of your PPC management, it is imperative that your use of callout extensions is well-planned and suited for the audience you seek. Leaning on industry expertise from your Google partner agency can help you to make the most of this feature in your business advertising.

It can be difficult to summarize your business in a few short, meaningful words, but your ability to be concise while emphasizing value will help your business stand apart. Callout extensions are a standard part of how to use AdWords, and they are simple to set up. Using the space well makes the most of your options and your advertising dollars. However, AdWords may not always display all of your callouts, as this is determined by a variety of factors; therefore, callouts should not be used to communicate essential information about your business.

The challenge is making your callout extensions special and descriptive of your business in a unique way. There are several best practices – and errors to avoid – when it comes to callout extensions. There is no additional cost to use callout extensions, and they are simple to set up. However, there are some tricks for using them effectively to optimize your PPC management.

Google Adwords Callout Extensions: Choose More, Not Less

AdWords callout extensions help you brand

Creating multiple Google AdWords callout extensions for your campaign means your advertisements will have more information to offer on first glance. Using the opportunity to craft creative, meaningful phrases will pay off if it means your ad will be seen and lead to prospective clients or customers. Make use of all the callout opportunities you can – including customized callouts for mobile devices – and take your time to build them into something special that is not offered elsewhere in your industry.

Customize to Optimize

Custom callout scheduling means you can run a specific campaign during a particular time of the day, over the holidays or for promotional events. Callout extensions are easy to establish and edit by your account, ad type or campaign; this means that you can quickly change callout phrases that are outdated or ineffective without needing to individually change each ad.

The opportunity to program changes to your callout extensions keeps them meaningful and relevant to specific audiences. Although characters are limited to 25, a bigger impact can be made with concise callout extensions under 15 characters. When your callout extensions are instantly readable, you can make a bigger impact on the viewer when you promote selling points; it is a brief moment to attract your audience members and draw their attention to valuable information.

Skip the Titles

Although capitalizing each word in a phrase is a standard way to create a title, it can make your callout extensions more difficult to read. With your Google AdWords callout extensions, capitalizing each word runs the phrases together and makes them less meaningful as individual statements, and capitalizing all the letters is the internet equivalent to yelling. Sentence case text is more readable and recognizable, which will make your ads stand out. When only the first word of each phrase is capitalized, the viewer’s eye is drawn towards each individual callout.

Check Your Statistics

Adwords callout extensions can define your branding voice

Knowing if your callout extensions are effective is an important part of continuing a lucrative online advertising campaign. Google’s statistics will show you how many clicks you received for your ads with callout extensions, which can provide you with valuable insight for making edits or adjustments to your campaign when learning how to use AdWords.

Although the callouts themselves are not clickable links, Google will provide valid information about your best-performing advertisements, so that you can understand which of your callout extensions are providing the biggest effect on your click-through rate. Taking action to improve your statistics is an important part of the process, to ensure that you are making the most of the advertising opportunity.

Your Marketing Partner

A Google Partner agency is certified to assist you and your business with creating Adwords campaigns that are vibrant and effective. With industry expertise and superior knowledge of best practices, your Google Partner agency is uniquely qualified to guide your marketing schedule, maintain your Google Adwords campaign and make the most of your callout extensions.

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