Get More ROI When You Pair Social Media Ads with Paid Search

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

January 22, 2014

Paid-Search-ExpertWe all are well aware of the role of social media ads and paid search campaigns, but what if I told you that these two tools together might substantially impact earnings!

 Before looking at the insights of these multiple channels of advertising, let me make you clear with the concept of paid search.

Every advertiser wants to place his website’s search results on top of the search engine result pages, in order to this the website owner has to pay an advertising fee for contextual advertising this monetary charge is defined as paid search. Emergence of social advertising has helped immensely in increasing yields and cost cutting in terms of lowering cost per acquisition, at the same time boost is seen in click through rates as this medium has the power to create magic in the minds of customers.

Companies are constantly doing research on how to increase earnings by using multiple channels to enhance return on investment in the world of web marketing. Studies show that when  you are exposed Brand’s Facebook ads along with paid search ads, then certainly you will reap more returns on ad spending than  paid search ads gather alone. Advertising through social media websites is declared as successful proposal and has such a significant impression on paid search that pinpoints the supremacy of this platform. In case you are interested to know the spending and return on investment patter then just have a look on a simple logic of calculations on earning and spending considering one supreme  performance indicator for comparing channels of media , the parameter of choice left would be Return on ad spend, can also be calculated as Income/expenditure. If the promoter has spent $40 and has generated $200 in sales then his Return on ad spending would be 5 percent. Based on this approach media with different goals of conversion can easily evaluate his earnings with the amount of expenditure incurred on it. In fact it has been noticed that clients who were open to social advertising became most  valued customers.

 The advantages of social media marketing can be clearly seen as the positive impact that it has been able to create on consumer awareness and discernment of the brand. Slight jump in click through rates has also been observed, with paid search ads registering around 7 percent augmented CRTs in case of people being rendered the exposure to both the mediums of Social media and paid search advertising.

As per recent researches , cost per acquisition has become lowered with increasing click through rates when both the channels were paired.

Advertisers are really seeking ways of how to create influence on target audience and convert them into high valued customers. Marketers with a better understanding of cross channel dynamics from key apertures like search and social media will be able to make use of available synergies to maximize their digital appearance. Now you must have got the idea of how you can maximize returns with the right kind of efforts in the right direction that is how social  digital media marketing industry is earning and contributing to the growth of economies.

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