4 Ways Sales Enablement Drives Revenue Growth

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Shelby Catalano
By Shelby Catalano

January 24, 2024

You’ve probably heard the term “sales enablement” before, but you’re not sure how it can actually help grow revenue

Put simply, sales enablement is the practice of using technology, content, and modern sales techniques to enable your sales team to be more effective. It goes without saying that a more effective sales team will create more revenue for your business. 

In this blog post, I’ll explore specific ways that an effective sales enablement strategy can create revenue growth.

Growing Your Business With Sales Enablement

Businesses that practice sales enablement prioritize relationships and the customer experience to drive revenue. This shift in mindset has created a need for updated sales techniques and educational content to guide prospects through the funnel without friction. 

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The internet has given consumers access to more information than ever before. By the time a prospect has reached out to the sales team, they are already informed on what the right solution is. High-pressure sales tactics will usually do more harm than good. Instead of being pushy or persuasive, sales teams need to focus on forming relationships and building trust with the people they are talking to. 

That’s right. Sales teams need to spend less time ”selling” and more time “helping. By focusing on the customer experience, your business will start to close more deals and keep more customers longer. 

Here are some specific ways sales enablement can be applied to increase sales results and productivity — we’ll go into greater detail below:

  • Creating a sales content library supercharges efficiency
  • Optimizes your CRM sales tools
  • Boosts sales and marketing team alignment
  • Improves sales team close rates, measurability, and forecasting

Building a Sales Library Supercharges Efficiency

How often have you heard of sales either not using the collateral provided or not being able to find it? It’s a constant song and dance — but it doesn’t have to be. 

Storing your sales and marketing content in one central location makes it much easier to find and access information when it’s needed. It also makes it possible for sales and marketing teams to share data with one another and determine which assets are the most valuable and what types of content are missing from your library.

Optimizing Your CRM Sales Tools

Sales enablement experts know how to get the most mileage out of technology and use customer relationship management (CRM) software to the maximum potential. It’s common to have gaps and inefficiencies baked into long-standing legacy tools, especially if there isn’t ongoing training to ensure everyone is using it uniformly. By streamlining every step of the buyer’s journey toward a sale with a suitable suite of tech tools and integrations, you’ll see increased productivity and closed deals. 

Focusing on Sales and Marketing Team Alignment

Gone are the days when marketing and sales operated separately. It’s vital now to create an ecosystem where feedback is offered to iterate and produce the highest quality content that resonates with prospects from lead, marketing qualified lead (MQL), and sales qualified lead (SQL). 

Gartner mentions the benefits of sales enablement, stating, “end-to-end revenue operations and enablement offers a continuous feedback loop across the buyer journey and creates one singular go-to-market model for driving end-to-end revenue growth and customer acquisition.” It also predicts by 2025 that 75% of the highest-growth companies in the world will deploy this model.

Improving Sales Team Close Rates, Measurability, and Forecasting

“Around 58% of pipeline stalls occur as sales reps cannot add value.”

Point-blank sales enablement helps close more deals with the right strategy in place. That’s because you can clean house, review and improve your sales collateral, and actively dive into the data to see what’s working and what isn’t. 

From prior history, you’ll be able to calculate where pitfalls happened and how to create infrastructure that continues to give you that crucial information to make informed decisions. This will help with the seasonality of your product or service and audit. Your team may need to be coached and trained for better calls and follow-ups to establish relationships and keep prospects interested and taken care of. This is why many teams have started hiring dedicated sales enablement professionals. In fact, in 2023, 'Sales Enablement Specialist' was the 6th fastest growing job title on Linkedin, with 'Head of Revenue Operations' topping the list.

Driving Revenue with the Right Suite of Coaching and Technology

Sales enablement is the way of the future. The methods of cold calling are gone, so utilizing sales enablement through constructive education and awareness will empower your sales team to improve numbers and close rates according to continual data and information. You can achieve considerable revenue growth through this strategic combination and create a collaborative team structure that encourages constant improvement.

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