How Can Video Marketing for Sales Enablement Improve Close Rates?

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Janet Lee
By Janet Lee

September 22, 2020

Video content – whether for marketing or sales strategy – is engaging, entertaining, educational, and allows you to deliver your message in the right body language, tone and emotion. In a multi-screen world, video marketing for sales enablement is one of the best ways to pierce through the noise and capture your viewers’ attention. 

Using video during the sales process gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition. This article will provide tips for utilizing video content to improve your close rates. 

How Video Marketing Improves Your Sales Enablement Process

Sales and marketing are entwined, with each sector helping the other succeed. Incorporating videos in your sales process makes it easier to convert leads into clients.

No matter what you’re selling, your interaction is with a human. Therefore, sending videos to your prospects helps you add a human element to what you’d have emailed. It’s an opportunity for the prospect to see you, associate you with a specific service, and build trust. 

There are several opportunities to leverage the human element during your interactions with a prospective client. 

Breaking the Ice 

Video outreach helps you break the ice with a would-be buyer. Instead of sending a written email or calling, you can send a video introduction to break the ice. You can introduce your brand voice and personality and share your value proposition in a few minutes without disrupting the prospect’s day. 

Sending Videos To Set An Agenda Or Follow Up 

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Send a video to set the agenda for your meeting. In the video, communicate your ideas confidently to prepare your prospect for the productive meeting ahead. Your prospect is more likely to remember the plan if you speak to them. 

After the meeting, you can also follow up with a video where you share the meetings’ achievements and encourage them to consider the next steps. Remember that your prospect is busy and they may forget the details of the meeting. Instead of sending a 500-word email, send a 3-5 minute video summarizing the meeting. 

If the prospect agrees to a follow-up meeting, they can find your video link and watch the video for a quick reminder right before the meeting. 

Using Video Meetings 

Use video conferences instead of limiting communication to emails and phone calls. A video call offers more information because it allows you to observe a prospect’s physical cues and find ways to change their mind before the end of a meeting. 

You can tell if your prospect is bored by looking out for yawning, slouching, unconscious nodding, and limited eye contact on the video call. Should you observe any signs of disinterest, you can branch into an exciting conversation to capture your prospect’s attention before bringing back to the meeting’s main agenda. 

Need To Add Video Marketing to Your Sales Enablement Process? 

At WEBITMD, we focus on sales solutions that drive your businesses forward. Our data-driven approach helps you define your sales process and create videos that increase close rates. 

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