3 DIY Beginner SEO Tasks to Improve Ranking with Advanced Results

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Monica Vargas
By Monica Vargas

August 30, 2017

Not all businesses are ready to hire digital marketing agencies to help improve their online visibility. In many cases businesses will have a family member perform vital and simple search optimization tactics, passionate business owners will perform the role themselves, or hire a single internal person. If your competition isn’t cranking, and your website is a simple WordPress platform, there are three big things you can do to increase your Google ranking in relatively short time. Ultimately, most businesses that perform DIY SEO tasks eventually reach a glass ceiling and need help from professionals to enable true business growth. If you find yourself in a situation where you are ranking well but you aren’t seeing the actual revenue in your pockets, you need to work with a Google partner digital marketing agency offering Inbound solutions. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your online traffic and conversion numbers, then keep pushing ahead while following these tips to improve your results!

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Cleanup Your Backlinks

Although you and your customers can’t see them, Google can; your backlinks play a significant role in how the search engine values your site’s authority. So what are backlinks? Simply put, they are links that come from other websites that point to your own. Backlinks can be highly beneficial if they are healthy, but if they are toxic they can poison your ranking efforts. Healthy backlinks should come from high domain authority sites with relevant content to your own, while toxic links come from sites with poor domain authority that are irrelevant and spammy. You can run a backlink audit using platforms like Moz Tools . Go through each link, determine which are toxic, and write to these referring domains expressing that you gave no permission for the link and want it removed. If you get no response you can submit a disavow request to Google to have them automatically removed.

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Build Your Own Backlink Portfolio

Healthy backlinks aren’t going to form on their own. You need to perform outreach strategies to other domains in order to acquire them. If you can create healthy backlinks every month you will demonstrate to Google that other sites with high domain authorities value your content enough that they will link to it, and consistency will highlight your appeal. Search for domains that have a high authority score, well-written content, and content relevant to your business. Then create blog posts for each domain in line to their style and within the subjects their readers seem to favor. Send an email to the site’s editor / webmaster addressing them by name, and express that you value their content and would love the opportunity to contribute blogs their readers will love in exchange for a link. Share your blog with them, let them know they can publish it if it’s to their liking, and ask if you can submit a second one with a link to one of your blogs or webpages. Emphasize in the email that the content and link will be non-promotional, and that you seek a solid partnership where both sides can benefit. This is a time-consuming task, but one vital to SEO. If you have the manpower to perform outreach and link building, by all means do it!

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On-Site Content is the Most Important Beginner SEO Task You can Master

More than 70% of your SEO will come from onsite content. The content on your homepage and top service / product pages should be written to appease Google and delight human readers. Start by doing some research to see how people engage with your products or services on social media. You will also want to see how the competition’s buyers relate to their brand. What kind of content gets shared the most? What are the article topics about? What kind of questions are people asking specific to your industry? What are the main challenges people face, and how are they being resolved? Write entertaining content that educates your readers based on your research findings. Then you will want to take some Google considerations on board that will require understanding how its algorithm works. For example, Google RankBrain is a huge ranking factor in the algorithm that relies on AI and Machine Learning to pair the right web content with search queries. Read up on this and other Google ranking factors, and try your best to write content that will empower your SEO by making both Google bots and your consumer audiences smile.

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