4 Sweet Little SEO Tactics Any Business Owner can do to Up His Game

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Monica Vargas
By Monica Vargas

October 30, 2017

Not all businesses hire SEO agencies to enable business growth or to even set the groundwork to get a digital marketing strategy up and running. While many fortune 500 companies have their own internal Internet marketing teams, midsize and small businesses will hire a few internals or even attempt to do their own SEO if they are savvy enough. Whether you consider yourself a ninja or you are just getting your feet wet (but hey you’re a fast learner), here are four sweet little SEO tactics you can perform to help increase your organic ranking.

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1. There is SEO Power and Buyer Traffic in Image ALTS

If you have a solid keyword strategy and the needle has been moving, consider pulling your page titles, H tags, and page keywords and come up with a longtail version complimentary to all that can be used as an image ALT. This is the text alternative to the image, and since images rank organically and (if setup correctly) lead traffic to websites, creating a strategic image ALT can really make an impact in your SEO game.

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2. Do a Website Audit

Running a website audit is a great way to up your game because it reveals what you are doing well, and where you need to make some changes. Most digital marketing agencies use several different tools to do this, as there isn’t really any single platform that does it all at a high level. Moz has a good tool for identifying site errors and broken links. Screaming Frog isn’t necessarily an audit tool as much as it is a useful source for crawling webpages and identifying potential SEO problems. There are a number of free tools that perform a number of audits too.

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3. Check for Duplicate Content

Most people guilty of duplicate content have no idea, nor did they try to trick Google. The problem is the search engine doesn’t know that, nor does it care. Ideally you want to have less than 20% duplicate content on any given page. There are various duplicate content tools; some are free while others have paid versions that go into more depth. It is well worth it to pay for one of these tools. Most are affordable and allow you to run duplicate content checks automatically across the Internet to pick up anyone who might be plagiarizing. Most paid versions also check for duplicate content in meta descriptions, titles and tags.

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4. Tie Blog Content Into SEO Tactics

Are you leveraging your blog to juice up your SEO efforts? Pull all your blog titles and create a list of what topics they cover. Many will likely be general. Set this list to one side for the meantime; identify the main questions / pains your buyers have and then create blog titles that cover industry specific questions while adding context for each buyer persona. This is what the best SEO tactics are all about. Also known as the pillar content cluster model, this makes Google bots happy because it provides structured content, and human readers love it because the content is more tailored to them and they better identify with it.

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