4 Tips for Optimizing Your Website to Increase Conversions

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Jason Patel
By Jason Patel

June 30, 2020

A business website is part of the essential tools in the hands of any entrepreneur. The reason is that websites do not only expand the reach of your enterprise, but they promote your brand as well. For that reason, optimizing your website and prioritizing such aspects as structure, content, design, and the loading speed is necessary if you want to get most ROI.

It is quite unfortunate to realize that some business owners do not appreciate the importance of enhancing the experience of those visiting their websites. As a result, their brands suffer a negative reputation, and they lose opportunities in one way or another. Here are some tips to add to your SEO strategy for optimizing your business site and attract more conversions.

Optimizing Your Website

1. Obsess Over Your Audience

Website optimization should be both company-centric and client-centric. The reason is that you need to balance both aspects to realize more conversions. In that case, you need to note that some of the best conversion tools are free.

For instance, listening will not cost you a dime. So, take time to ask your audience what appeals to them, attributes that encourage them to vouch for your brand, the improvements you should focus on, among other things. Learning from your audience will help you craft your company website in line with current market trends, which will ultimately increase conversions.

2. Offer Your Audience Personalized Recommendations

Some individuals do not know where to look or begin when they visit your website, especially in the case of top-of-funnel leads. As such, they may end up clicking on everything and anything on your business site in search of solutions. One of the ways to encourage such persons to convert is by leveraging their browsing history.

Taking note of the browsing behavior of those visiting your site can help you serve them content that aligns with their interests. In turn, you will enjoy more conversions as a result of offering personalized recommendations for those navigating your site.

3. Align Your Website to The Client Journey

In most cases, buyers will visit your site to gain the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. That implies that you cannot afford to have a business website that makes it difficult for your audience to find the necessary information. So, when developing your site, ensure that the details that matter most to clients appear in the front and center of your navigation bar.

That way, you will increase the probability of converting among your target audience.

4. Ensure Your Site Loads Fast

Slow websites are among the leading causes of high bounce rates. Online shoppers have many options to compare today. That suggests that if your site is slow, they will most probably turn to your competition. Optimizing the speed of your business website should be part of your priorities if you want to increase conversions.

The reason is that a site whose pages load fast enhances a client’s experience, which drives them to convert.


An attractive website is one thing, and a site capable of increasing conversions is another thing altogether. By adopting the tips above, you will position your enterprise strategically to realize more conversions. Additionally, you can also consider WEBITMD Growth Stack, which is an end-to-end sales and marketing solution that focuses on business growth.

Over and above growth, WEBITMD Growth Stack incorporates other strategies and tactics including, goal setting, business deep dive, messaging and positioning, attracting, nurturing, and selling. If you need more information about optimizing your website to increase conversions, contact us today!
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