How to Create Better Backlinks for SEO in 2020

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Jason Patel
By Jason Patel

September 11, 2020

Want to bring more organic traffic to your website? One powerful strategy that the best SEO agencies use is the creation of high-quality backlinks. Also known as inbound links or incoming links, backlinks are when another website links to one of your pages as a helpful resource.

Backlinks can give your site a high organic ranking as they signal to search engines that others think your content is great, and they recommend it. However, creating impactful backlinks is not always a walk in the park. In the post below, we will look at how you can build high-quality inbound links.

Improve Your SEO in 2020 by Becoming a Resource

By creating unique, useful, and compelling content, you can become the go-to source for bloggers and journalists. Whenever a journalist quotes your work, you’ll earn a backlink. Developing quality content that others refer to will not only earn you inbound links, but it will also make you a trusted source of information. Whenever people want to learn anything in the niche you write about, they will head to your site first. This will ultimately increase visitors to your site.

Get Mentioned Among the Best

You may have a great product, but if no one is touting it on the digital space, you are missing out. Before buying a product, many people go online to get advice about the best one.

One great way to earn backlinks is to position yourself as an industry leader and get people mentioning your product in forums and online chats. You also need to know what keywords related to the product you offer are being searched.

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A keyword search tool can give you critical keyword insights that you can use to create content that will be easily found by people looking for a product like the one you offer. This will give you exposure and allow people to start mentioning you in the best products list. Of course, you can also get bloggers to try out your product and recommend it to their followers.

Create Amazing Infographics

Infographics are visually enticing and easy to scan through, people love to share them. If every content you post comes with a great infographic, they’ll get a lot of shares. Everyone who uses the visual on their website will have to link it to your site. When you design awesome infographics, you can contact other bloggers and ask them to share it. If done consistently, this approach can earn you quality backlinks.

SEO backlink strategy 2020

Link Externally and Then Reach Out

Although it may sound odd, you can use this technique to cultivate relationships that may earn you backlinks in the future. If there is a website that isn’t a competitor but offers a product that you think can be helpful to your customers, you can place their links in your content. You can then contact them, tell them you were pleased with their product, and that you shared it on your site.

This move can help you to forge a relationship with that business, and you may soon start getting backlinks from them. Another brilliant method is to write testimonials for websites that your target audiences are likely to visit. Some sites allow you to leave a backlink on the review section, and you can take advantage of this option to generate inbound links and improve your SEO in 2020.

Take Your SEO To the Next Level

Using backlinks to improve your SEO rankings isn’t a hard thing if you use the right approach. Develop high-quality content that can be cited, reach out to build relationships, enlist others to promote your brand, leverage the power of infographics, and link to other sites to get the favor back.