4 Agency Marketing Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

August 4, 2017

Love it or hate it, Facebook (second to Google) is a top go-to place online. According to a May 2017 CNN Money statistic, 1.9 billion people log into Facebook each day. Facebook is an ideal place for connecting with your consumers, but are you really making lasting impressions, or are you just posting content blindly and hoping for the best? Some of the top Facebook campaigns are managed by inbound marketing agencies that offer SEO and write high-quality custom content to connect with multiple buyer personas across social media. Here are six tips they follow down to the letter.

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1. Write Shareable Content for All Your Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a fictionalized representation of an actual buyer profile who uses your products and services. These are created by inbound marketers where custom content geared towards them is delivered to each ideal cohort. A brand can have a few or many buyer personas. Be sure you know who these groups are, and write content for each buyer persona with the goal to intrigue them and channel them into the next stage. When you share this content in Facebook the chances of users asking questions or sharing your content with their friends and colleagues will be significantly higher.

define the buyer journey stage

2. Write Buyer Persona Content Directed at Each Buyer Journey Stage

In order to actually increase engagement with your various Facebook audiences, you must further customize this content to trigger the buyer’s journey stage they currently reside in. These include (1) Awareness, (2) Consideration and (3) the Decision stage. If your company sells DVDs on how to train your dog at home, you will get better Facebook engagement if you write and share a series of blogs focused around each buyer stage. Here’s an example:

Awareness Stage: My dog won’t sit, stop barking, or use the bathroom outside.

Blogs for Awareness Stage Buyers on Facebook: (1) 5 Reasons Why Dogs Bark in the House (2) 7 Causes for Stress Shared by Both Dogs and their Owners , (3) 10 Common Reasons Why Good Dogs do Bad Things

Consideration Stage: Ah ha! I have a disobedient dog suffering from stress due to our recent move. What can I do?

Blogs for Consideration stage buyers on Facebook: (1) 6 Reasons Why You are Your Dog’s Best Teacher (2) 4 Popular Alternatives to Hiring Expensive Dog Trainers, (3) Jerry’s Victory: How a Fireman and Father of 4 Found Time to Train His Keeshond.

Decision Stage: I can take my dog to a boot camp, hire a dog trainer to come to the house, get dog training books, or buy dog training DVDs. Training your own dog takes time, but I can make time for it because the option saves me money. I am also more of a visual learner.

Blogs for Decision Stage Buyers on Facebook: (1) Dog Training DVDs vs. Books: Which One is Right for You? (2) 7 Reasons Why Dog Training DVDs Work (3) How to Choose the Best Dog Training DVDs.

use smart images in blogs

3. Don’t Use Dumbed Down Images that Are Painfully Obvious

How excited do you get when you see blogs being shared on Facebook with main images of typewriters with the word “Blog” typed on the paper, or an image of a stack of books with a crown resting on them with “Content is King” written above the image? These are dull, overused images. Furthermore, they reveal that little creative thought was put into the image and therefore lead people to believe that the content is just as vanilla. Think outside the box and use an image that represents a thought or an idea expressed in your content. You should also make sure that a good number of your blogs have photos focusing on people’s faces because it helps readers better identify with the humanity in your content. Always focus on lifestyle imagery over brand imagery; people want to know how your brand will help them rather than see images showing why you love your own products.

write content customers love

4. Provide Unique Content that Stands Out to Increase Facebook Engagement

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you will be hard-pressed to find a company that actually does it. Sure, using a mix of longtail and short form keywords will help boost your organic SEO efforts, but the subject, voice and direction should have a unique spin.

Your Subject – Instead of writing ‘Top 8 Reasons to Buy a Waterproof iPhone Case’ consider ‘How an iPhone Waterproof Case Was the Star in Jason’s Camping Trip’. Give it an attention-grabbing angle, and not one that’s been done to death by writing teams in India. Don’t be afraid to tell a story and use the power of the narrative.

Your Voice – You are unique, so make your unique voice shine through in your content. Use your humor and sense of style to get your point across, but also tie in your brand’s identity into the voice so people can associate the delightful things about your tone with your brand’s offer.

Your Direction – You want to give readers valuable content. This means it needs to educate, entertain, and show your consumers how it will improve their lives.

When you share content created for specific people that touches on their needs while delighting them, they will be more likely to not only buy your products but also share your blogs with others. When this happens you have people marketing for you, and because you provided them with such valuable content ideal for Facebook sharing, they are happy to spread your good word!

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