4 Facebook Marketing Tips for Getting More Conversions

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Jason Patel
By Jason Patel

August 17, 2017

Social media is a powerful resource for nurturing your buyer audience; it is a fundamental component to any reputable inbound marketing agency strategy. According to a 2017 survey conducted by CNN Money, more than 1.9 billion people go onto Facebook every day. So this means you should absolutely focus your social media budget on Facebook, right?

Not necessarily. First, you need to make sure your buyers are on Facebook, and if they are, to what extent. For example, if you provide executive level coaching services for corporations, the majority of your social media audience will be on LinkedIn. If you are a wedding photographer, the bulk of your consumers will be on Instagram with some on Facebook. So once you have determined that Facebook is where most of your customers read and share content, try following these four tips used by the best digital agencies.

online audiences

Set Up Your Audiences

Being able to share the right content, with the right buyers, at an ideal moment is paramount to your marketing success on Facebook. Be sure you use the platform’s business manager to create custom buyer groups through the saved audiences feature. This management system allows users to advertise to specific cohorts and ensures your niche content will reach ideal demographics.

facebook retargeting

Try a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

One of the most profitable forms of online advertisement via Facebook marketing is retargeting. Basically, a retargeting campaign allows business owners to advertise to people who have already visited the company’s website. Retargeting on Facebook requires installing the tracking pixel onto the website. However, the creative display and call to action needs to be target specific to your buyer audiences. If you aren’t familiar with the process or you don’t have the chops to do the creative work, contact a digital marketing agency that offers inbound marketing at the core of their strategies.

video marketing

Shoot and Share Videos Through Facebook Marketing

If your company isn’t shooting and sharing videos on Facebook, you are missing out on some pretty big opportunities. Think about these early 2017 statistics: video on Facebook accounts for 0.9% of ALL posts yet these videos account for 7.15% of the network’s entire reach. That number has been growing, and continues to climb. Most people are visual, and video posts are the kings of social media. Many companies have long since discovered this and hire videographers to create, produce and shoot content designed just for social media. However, you don’t need to hire experts to do this. You can get a GoPro camera or even use your mobile phone’s camera on a tripod to shoot clear, steady footage. All you need is a great idea that will resonate with your buyer audience, and a few hundred bucks on potential gear like tripods, lighting, and editing software.

Facebok CTA

Use Facebook’s CTA Capabilities

Not only does a call-to-action (CTA) help pages convert buyers, but even where you place them and a number of other variables play into it. That said, using a CTA is crucial to getting more sales from your landing page. The Facebook Business page allows users to add these buttons giving your audience a clear, straightforward direction to making a transaction. Here is an extra take-away: do not use navigation features on your landing page with the CTA pointing buyer’s to the purchasing section; you want them to buy and not get distracted by navigating to other parts of your website.

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