E-mail is still vital to Gen Y

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

November 10, 2009

Some publications, such as newspapers, claim that e-mailing is declining in generation Y. Research shows that an increasing amount of people are joining social networking sites, for example, Facebook or Twitter, for communication but in reality college students still think highly of their e-mail accounts. WebitMD is active within these Social Networking sites as well. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

The Participatory Marketing Network and Pace University’s Lubin School of Business’ IDM Lab conducted research and more than one quarter of students claimed that e-mail was the activity that they are least likely to give up for a week. In addition to e-mail being the top activity is text messaging.

The research results show that emailing and text messaging are tied at 26% for the top two communication mediums that college students are least likely to give up for a week. Nearly one half of students send and receive about 500 texts per month.

“These results may be surprising to some, but not if you consider the role email continues to play in the day-to-day lives of Gen Y,” said Michael Della Penna, PMN co-founder and executive chairman, in a statement. “As long as email remains the collection point for social networking updates, including alerts around new followers, discussion updates and friend requests, it will remain a powerful force in marketing and our lives.”

Information Provided by; emarketer.com
Written by: Samantha Stephan