Creating Demand Online: The Newest of Marketing Trends

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

November 6, 2009

How do you reach your potential customers online? Many would say that they are focusing their attention on SEO or social networking campaigns which are effective online marketing strategies. However, you have to wait for customers to click on your site and search for your products to generate sales which can be time consuming and very costly.

You do not have to wait for customers to find you anymore with a new online marketing trend that has just started to become very popular. Creating demand online, rather than fulfilling it, presents a plethora of opportunities for marketers. Here, you can focus your online marketing tactics to reach potential customers through the information customers share on their social networking profiles and then advertise to them directly before they have a need for the demand of your products.

For example, CM Photographics, a photography studio located within Minnesota, recently tried Facebook Ads to generate new leads for their wedding photography sector. They created a series of ads targeted to women ages 24–30 that listed themselves as “engaged” on their profiles. Even though CM Photographics didn’t know anything about those users and in what stage they were in planning their weddings, Facebook Ad tools estimated the number of users that fit within that target market and allowed the ads to run on their profiles.

During the 12 months of their campaign, CM Photographics was able to generate $66 for every dollar spent in revenue on the online campaign and had a 60% conversion rate of their unique visitors to their website!

Ultimately, by finding social media networks that offer an opportunity to make a targeted marketing campaign for its users, you should stop waiting for customers to find you and create your own demand!

Information provided by Visibility Magazine.
Post written by –Kent Seiders