Top 5 Tips to Generate More Traffic To Your YouTube Videos

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

March 12, 2015

With millions of people watching videos on YouTube, seems like it has become the second largest search engine. Or maybe it has become one of the favorite social media website. We can rightly say that it has successfully captured the interest of web-users present across the globe.

Well then, there is no denying that it has a great potential to draw unimaginable traffic. But hold on, with YouTube been quite over-crowded as countless businesses are frequently found uploading a lot many videos, how do you expect your video content to go viral? This is when Video SEO can be a great source of help for you.

Still alien to Video SEO? I would love to introduce it to you. Video SEO, is defined as optimizing the video content with an aim of drawing search engine traffic. The only goal of this type of SEO is to make your video content appear in video search engines along with organic search results.

Youtube, forms an integral part of Video SEO. Simply uploading a video and expecting some magic to happen that multiplies the number of viewers coming watching your video, sounds pretty unrealistic. Instead, it would be ideal if you devote ample time in optimizing your videos for SEO, and gradually you will witness how impressively target traffic comes rolling.

YouTube is a large place and is dumped with plenty of videos by your competitors itself. So you will have to use Video SEO quite smartly to beat your competitors and win the race. Not many have much idea on how to correctly perform Video SEO for YouTube.

1)Feel free to write interestingly long-video descriptions

Do not be sacred to use your writing skills for preparing a really long video description for your video. Like we humans YouTube or Google are not blessed with ears so that they can listen to your video. But that’s okay, they have another way of analyzing your video and that is through the text that is present around your video.

The mantra used by YouTube is that, if it knows your video properly it would confidently give higher rankings for your target keyword. Note that, it would take into account the keywords that you must have mentioned in the description for ranking your way too long keywords.

The informative descriptions with some super smart techniques will fetch quick rankings to the targeted keyword. So make sure you use keyword-rich descriptions to gain desirable results.

2) Focus your strategies around video keywords

Getting higher rankings in YouTube is a matter of pride indeed, but wouldn’t it be great if along with YouTube your video gets ranked in Google as well.

Did you know that the search engine giant Google, gives an advantage to YouTube videos in the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs)? Anyhow this applies only for some specific keywords. Here comes the good news- these specific keywords are known as ‘Video Keywords’.

So while you are brainstorming the ideas for which keywords should be included in your video, browse the web to see which video results appear with a similar keyword on the very first page. Supposedly, if you find any such keywords in the search results do consider them for getting your video ranked in Google and YouTube.

3) Increase video views through online communities

LinkedIn and various other online communities, offer you a superb chance for generating more traffic. The catch here is that, most of the online communities don’t really appreciate the idea of entities coming over and leaving links on their content. Perhaps because they do not find it pleasing enough.

However, they do not stop you from sharing YouTube videos, so you can go ahead with that. You surely must be aware of the fact that how vital are video views. The YouTube ranking formula is very simple, it prefers to give rankings to those videos, which have the maximum views. More views equals to more rankings. Online communities can be a brilliant source of help to accelerate your video views.

On your end all you would have to do is, make efforts in finding a question in the community that your video has the potential to answer. Then persuade the visitors by letting them know that they can get the correct answers by watching your video.

Do not hesitate in sharing your video on online communities, nothings bad in that. In fact this would serve as an incredible advantage. Wondering how? It will knit your video with just the kind of quality and fairly high-retention views, that YouTube has always looked forward to.

So, definitely online communities have got the magic wand in their hands so make sure you make the best use of it.

4) Subscribing and Liking are two powerful tools

Unlike Google, the algorithm of YouTube does not entertain backlinks. In contrast it pays more emphasis on user experience signals. You can expect your video to thrive with success, if the web-users have had a good time watching it.

When users hit the like button or choose to subscribe, it clearly states that they loved watching your video. This in return lets YouTube know, that your video has succeeded in capturing the attention of users and pertains fair chances of creating a revolution.

You need to reach out to your users and include a strong message for call to action, at the end of your video that asks them to subscribe.

Since subscribing and liking play a determining role in YouTube rankings, so make it a point that you ask the users to comment, like and subscribe to your video.

5) Avoid the mess and create playlists that are keyword-rich

Do not make the mistake of creating an impression that your YouTube channel is nothing more than a complicated maze. The safest way to direct more YouTube search traffic to your video is by sorting your videos into playlists.

If you are successful in forming a keyword-rich playlists, this would help YouTube in developing a deeper insight about the topic of your video.

In case you have been frequently posting videos on YouTube, it would be ideal to create fine playlists.

Not only will your videos appear on the first page of YouTube rankings, but also the chances of them getting viewed will improve.