5 Tips To Increase Email Click-Through Rates

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Marissa Merkt
By Marissa Merkt

April 18, 2024

Email marketing is one of the best ways to retain and connect with your customers. Through well-crafted email campaigns, you can share personalized content, announce new products and services, and show recipients you care about their experience. However, for that information to resonate, people have to first open the email and click on the links you send. Here are some tips to increase email click-through rates and better connect with your customers.

1. Optimize Content for Mobile

The majority of customers use their mobile devices to open and read emails. Always ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, so they’re easy to read and navigate. This can help keep recipients from scrolling away. Check the font size, ensure the CTAs are legible and easily clickable, and that all links are working and pointing to the right places.

2. Write Strong Subject Lines

Email marketing success starts with compelling subject lines. Keep your email subject lines short and to the point, including language that speaks to the emotions you want your audience to feel. When possible, do A/B testing where you send the same email with two different subject lines. This will give you valuable insight into what language and styling your customers prefer and can be helpful for future email marketing campaigns.

3. Keep Emails Text Light

Consumers have relatively short attention spans. As a general rule, short emails are better in email marketing, especially if you want to increase email click-through rates. Sending a long, text-heavy email generally only serves to bore your readers. It could also leave them confused about where to click and what actions you want them to perform. Focus on covering only one topic in an email and avoid "wall of text" paragraphs that could turn readers off.

4. Use Pictures and Video

Pictures and videos add visual interest to your email campaigns and help capture readers' attention. When possible, add an interesting, relevant image or video to your email marketing campaign, ensuring that your choice matches the theme and tone of the rest of the email's content. Always perform test sends of your email campaigns, especially when including photos or videos. Check the email layout in multiple browsers and devices and confirm that everything looks (and reads) as intended.

5. Add Only One CTA

It can be tempting to add multiple CTAs (call-to-actions) in an email, but doing this will only serve to confuse your audience. It might also backfire, leaving recipients so overwhelmed by options that they click none of them and navigate away. Adding one CTA ensures that your reader can focus on one action. It also streamlines your email's layout, helping the content look cleaner and less cluttered. When placing your CTA, try to put it in the middle of the email so as not to bury it at the bottom.

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