Time to Celebrate! Looking back at 10 years of WEBITMD

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Mattan Danino
By Mattan Danino

August 7, 2018

So a decade later…Wow! Incredible how time has flown by. I still remember landing our first client on August 8th 2008.

The story of WEBITMD starting in 2008 in a studio apartment in San Diego with a puppy on my lap to now in 2018 a global agency with 3 offices and a rockstar team…let’s just say we have grown.

At our core we have always been a performance traffic driving agency but have evolved our methodology into guiding businesses towards measurable growth utilizing various tactics and technology. Earlier this year we rolled out our  WEBITMD Growth Stack  which is a full-funnel digital marketing toolset following the approach of – Drive, Nurture, & Convert. It has fundamentally shifted how we approach client engagements and helped fuel dozens of businesses with multiples of growth.

We also introduced our new  WEBITMD Growth Stack Workshop. Our workshop is our secret sauce. The Growth Stack Workshop is a 6-week deep discovery and strategy roadmapping tailored for your business. It helps us answer the important questions before you invest the time and capital to execute a marketing plan.

We have put together a series of screenshots showcasing the progression of the WEBITMD brand over the last 10 years. Our logo, colors, site design, and offerings have morphed as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve. Enjoy the ride!


The WEBITMD Brand is born! I built this first website myself (in Dreamweaver) and launched it on GoDaddy. This was a big deal at the time and loved every piece of the final product…minus the horrible logo. Ha! Our offerings included SEO and Website Development upon launch.



The WEBITMD black & orange colors are introduced. We expanded our offerings to include Paid Media Management and also launch the WEBITMD Labs which was a Beta center for emerging technologies and tools we used for clients.



Our new website launched this year and we expanded our team from 2 to 4 people in our San Diego offices.



We opened our Los Angeles offices and continued our expansion!



We launched Espanol Internet Marketing, a WEBITMD Brand, which focused on the Hispanic community and businesses. We also opened our offices in Baja California, Mexico.



This was our breakout year! We nearly tripled in growth and launched offerings targeting local businesses and eCommerce brands focused on growth. We also became official Google Partners, Bing Partners, Facebook Partners and won various awards for our campaigns launched for brands. We also moved to larger offices in Los Angeles to house our expansion!



Team expansion! 2015 was all about team growth and infrastructure. We worked out the kinks and hired the right people in the right seats. Great year getting our hands dirty and watering the plants.



Another big year for us with double growth and a refined focus on the clients we selected to work with. Do just a few things and do them well – that was our motto in 2016. We also opened our New York City office!



We continued to develop our Full-Funnel approach with the rollout of our Inbound Marketing and Hubspot agency partnership! Continued to grow the team and opened our Miami Beach, Florida offices.


Here we are…2018 and things are rocking! Our team continues to grow with a few key additions on the Growth Stack & Paid Media teams as well as a Director of Operations. Our industry recognition has become global with invitations to host speaking engagements and conferences sharing insights on our approach to digital marketing. In Q2 we also launched the new WEBITMD.com site with elevated branding and messaging.


Introducing the WEBITMD Growth Stack & Growth Workshop – our latest offerings focused on helping businesses grow from digital strategy through measurable revenue. Our Growth Stack has fundamentally changed how our clients run their businesses from the top down. For the last decade we have been focused on driving quality traffic and qualifying leads into prospects. We now take things steps further by constructing systems and processes for organizations to turn those prospects into customers/clients – thats the bottom line. The blend of advised strategy and technology fuels our WEBITMD Growth Stack!


2019 & Beyond…

People ask me all the time…where will WEBITMD be in 5 years? It’s a tough question as the future is really dependent on consumer behavior and buying habits. As marketers we simply adhere to the ways of the consumer and develop tactics around how to gain their attention. The blend of strategy & technology is where marketing is going and the elite will shine mastering that combination.

Here are my top predictions for what marketing will look like in just 5 years:


  • Brands will think more like publishers. They’ll become their own media company, placing high-quality branded & educational content at the heart of their digital marketing strategy.
  • Reshaping of SEO – the search results on Google and other search engines will continue to favor knowledge-graph and rich answers vs. traditional website results
  • Content length extremes – there will either be short form content (sub 30 seconds) or long form (4+ mins), not much in between
  • Stabilization in social media value – trust build from consumer to consumer vs. brand to consumer
  • Enhanced targeting options on Paid Media networks – if you think it’s crazy now, wait and see what’s coming!
  • Confluence Marketing – The merger of relationships – influencers and content, will become more of a priority for organizations. They will adopt a more socialist approach, moving away from direct sales targets.


  • Optimize with advanced automation – By prioritizing confluence marketing strategies, companies will shift their advertising budget, and significantly increase their resources. They’ll involve each department in digital marketing strategies.
  • Live video dominance
  • Augmented reality interactions
  • Voice search popularity skyrockets!

I am thrilled at what the future of digital marketing holds and proud to lead the charge here at WEBITMD. As a team we continue to push the boundaries with innovative strategies laid on top of cutting-edge technology. It fuels our passion and is demonstrated across our team and clients.

To a decade behind us & a decade to come.


– Mattan Danino – Founder & CEO