Mattan Danino’s 2021 Q&A Session with Digital Agency Network

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Nicolas Pagnotta
By Nicolas Pagnotta

March 2, 2021

Last month WEBITMD’s CEO and owner Mattan Danino had an insightful Q&A session with Digital Agency Network (DAN). In this interview, Mattan shared some details about his role as CEO during the years; how to keep a team like WEBITMD successfully working remotely, and how we are planning to conduct the orientation of our new team members in 2021.

Another important topic in this Q&A session was how to face 2021 business-wise. Mattan mentioned that ‘growing smartly’ was the biggest challenge for businesses (including WEBITMD) in the current year. He also mentioned one positive and one negative way that 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic has affected his work.

Mattan also shared his thoughts on the best tools to keep WEBITMD’s team connected when working remotely; a brief on WEBITMD’s Growth Stack, and our overall experience as a HubSpot Platinum Partner agency. There was also room for Mattan to talk about our experience as a DAN member. 

Mattan Danino, WEBITMD, and Digital Agency Network 

Our relationship with Digital Agency Network is not new. In fact, they published a very complete article at WEBITMD’s 10th anniversary in 2018. This blog was definitely filled with nostalgia and good stories, and it also showed the evolution of our website since its inception in 2008 (when, in Mattan’s words, the agency consisted in ‘a studio apartment in San Diego with a puppy on my lap’) to becoming a global agency.


WEBITMD’s first website from 2008!

WEBITMD’s contributions with DAN continued during the years with many original blog articles. In April 2020 the most of the WEBITMD team participated in an extensive article about how to generate leads through Inbound Marketing. Our relationship with Digital Agency Network has certainly been fruitful, and we look forward to continuing to contribute with valuable information. Thank you for giving WEBITMD a space to share our expertise!
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