Podcast “SEO On-Air: Content Marketing Hacks For E-commerce Stores to Boost Sales”

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Nicolas Pagnotta
By Nicolas Pagnotta

May 5, 2020

Last May 1st WEBITMD CEO and Founder Mattan Danino was invited to participate in the podcast “SEO On-Air” by fellow SEO agency Stan Ventures. The 23 minutes discussion turned around topics like full-funnel marketing, with an important highlight on SEO, B2B, and eCommerce growth. Mattan Gave his personal insight on such topics and shared some interesting pearls of wisdom in nowadays digital marketing landscape.

“There is a disconnect between marketing and sales. Marketing is about generating opportunities from wherever that is and qualify them and sales job is to take those sales opportunities that are qualified and close them into revenue (…) Many B2B companies don’t have a defined sales process. They do what they think will be the best use of their time. I don’t think it is much effective. I believe you can build tremendous efficiency into your team by implementing specific sales technology and turn in more dollars” – Mattan Danino

Another important aspect of this podcast was Mattan’s explanation of  WEBITMD’s Growth Stack, how does it work and how does it set a difference between hiring in-house people and hiring an agency; all this linked to the whole idea behind full-funnel marketing, which was also comprehensively explained by Mattan.

Listen to the full podcast here:

WEBITMD in the Media

We want to thank podcast host Senthil Kumar Hariram and the rest of the team at Stan Ventures for inviting Mattan and having such great conversation! The podcast was very interesting back and forth between Senthil and Mattan, with memorable moments.

We’re excited to participate in so many channels and have the opportunity to interact with other professionals, business owners, and marketing students. Stan Ventures podcast was another chapter of the many interactions we’ve been having so far in 2020. If you liked this podcast we invite you to listen to Mattan’s participation on  Don Burdge’s My Company Story podcast last March.  

If you want to know more about WEBITMD’s Growth Stack or how can we help your business reach the next level, please download the full Growth Stack guide for FREE in the link below. You can also  schedule a consultation with Mattan Danino here.

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