Service Update: Improved Branding and Messaging with New Brand Story Workshop

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Andrew Copeland
By Andrew Copeland

May 6, 2020

Nothing is more frustrating than spending your entire marketing budget on a fancy website or design template only to have it perform just as well – or worse, even – than what you already had.

Good marketing starts with a strong brand. Without that, nothing you do will have an impact. This is why we are now including a new branding and messaging workshop as part of our Growth Stack offering.

That’s right! Our clients will now have access to a certified Brand Story guide to help improve their messaging and positioning across all channels. This includes:

  • Website copy
  • Ad copy
  • Blog content
  • Email content
  • More

Why Do Our Clients Need Brand Story?

We believe that you should invest in content first, design second. The old StoryBrand adage “If you confuse, you lose” has certainly proven itself true. As content saturation becomes an increasingly harsh reality, the importance of clear and concise messaging is all the more apparent.

Our messaging and branding workshop is intended to create consistency so that your prospects and customers can get a clear sense of who you are and what your value is at first glance. Not only will this help to create more interest in your brand, but it will also help to differentiate you from your competition.

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