WEBITMD Podcast with Don Burdge from My Company Story

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Nicolas Pagnotta
By Nicolas Pagnotta

March 2, 2020

WEBITMD Founder & CEO, Mattan Danino was a guest on My Company Story, a podcast hosted by Don Burdge. Mattan and Don started talking about the story of WEBITMD, it’s main team and locations in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas. Mattan also gave a brief explanation on WEBITMDs approach, which combines marketing and sales, and how it generates tangible results for the agency’s clients.

Listen to the 20 min podcast with Don Burdge from My Company Story to learn more. Thank you, Don!

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“As a child I was super fascinated with computers (…) and then I found a real obsession with psychology and ultimately, how humans consume information; specifically in the context of marketing” said Mattan while discussing his background. “About 12 years back, 2008, I started this agency really just me in my studio apartment as a consultant (…) and grew little by little to where we are today”.


The podcast continued with a very specific question from Don: “What makes WEBITMD special?”. Mattan gave his personal insights not only on what WEBITMD does for its clients but also made an honest, straightforward critique to the agency-client relationship and what he described as a ‘vendor relationship’ that develops on both sides of such dynamic. “We really partner with clients and help them grow their businesses, and solidify that relationship by being involved in multiple levels”, Mattan described. 

My Company Story

After sharing a case study of a real client’s growth partnering with WEBITMD, Mattan gave more specific details about the company’s  Growth Stack.  One of it’s basic traits is the sales process, which is revised and optimized. This bottom of the funnel focus is critical to closing the loop and creating revenue from the traffic and leads that the top and mid-funnel marketing produces. It’s critical in today’s digital marketing landscape.

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