4 Ways To Improve Your B2B Retargeting Ads

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Matt Moore
By Matt Moore

August 18, 2023

Studies show that only about 2% of leads convert on their first site visit. This means that 98% of your website visitors could be leaving before they reach the end of the sales journey. You could easily convert about half of these visitors with a great B2B retargeting strategy since website leads who are retargeted with ads are 70% more likely to convert. 

Keep reading to learn our top four tips to improve your B2B retargeting ads.

Why Are B2B Retargeting Ads So Effective?

Retargeting has so much potential because it focuses on individuals who already know about and have interacted with your brand. They are easier to persuade than fresh visitors.  

For example, your remarketing campaign could focus on individuals who have: 

  • Purchased something from you in the past
  • Interacted with your posts on social media
  • Completed one of your free trials
  • Signed up on your email list
  • Visited one or several pages on your website

The key idea is that rather than targeting new leads, you are focusing your campaigns on individuals who are already interested in whatever you offer. But, it is not enough to just know who to target.

4 Ways To Improve Your B2B Retargeting Ads

Whether you’re just getting started with B2B retargeting ads or your campaigns could use a performance boost, these four strategies will help you improve your click-through rate (CTR) and drive more conversions.

1. Retarget by Service

Pixel-based tracking is a great way to create retargeted ads that resonate with your visitors. You can start by analyzing the service pages your leads have engaged with on your website. Then, craft ads that align with the content on those pages rather than using generic ads for everyone. You are more likely to capture the interest of your past website visitors by tailoring your ads to match their specific interests.   

2. Use Case Studies

The use of engaging top-of--funnel content is a superb way to retarget leads. For instance, a visitor who has sought to download a white paper or e-book could be interested in learning more. You can make their experience more worthwhile by retargeting them with industry-relevant case studies.

3. Promote Your Events

Besides helping to rekindle interest in your current offerings, B2B retargeting ads are also powerful tools for promoting your upcoming events. Whether it is a workshop, webinar, or conference, your past website visitors are more likely to attend. Capitalize on the urgency and encourage signups.   

4. Optimize Frequency

While you want to stay at the top of your leads' minds with B2B retargeting ads, being overly intrusive can be a little  creepy. To walk the fine line, you should experiment with different ad frequencies and find the optimal balance that avoids overwhelming your audience but still keeps your brand visible. 

Get the Best Out of Your Ads

Creating high-performing B2B retargeting ads is an art that requires both strategy and finesse. With the power of data-driven insights, you can refine your approach and achieve remarkable results. If you’re looking to up your paid media game, download our FREE guide, 5 Signs Your Paid Media Account Is Mismanaged, to get actionable steps to improve your ad performance. Need more help? Get in touch with us today to schedule a PPC account audit.

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