DIY HubSpot Audit: A 7-Step Guide

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Kirsten Forrester
By Kirsten Forrester

January 4, 2024

As a seasoned marketing or sales professional, you understand the pivotal role that HubSpot plays in orchestrating successful lead-generation strategies. However, to truly harness the power of this robust platform, it needs to be well managed. Often, untapped potential lies hidden in overlooked features or misaligned strategies. 

This guide offers a framework for a do-it-yourself HubSpot Audit, enabling you to unlock the full capabilities of HubSpot and align it more effectively with your brand's strategic goals. Whether you're grappling with suboptimal conversion rates, data inconsistencies, or challenges in customer journey tracking, this roadmap can help bring clarity and precision to your HubSpot operations. Let’s embark on a journey to refine your HubSpot setup for maximum impact.

What Is a HubSpot Audit?

What exactly is a HubSpot audit? It involves a thorough review and assessment of how HubSpot impacts your marketing, sales, and operations. Businesses conduct audits of their HubSpot portals for various reasons, but primarily, the process aims to identify:

  1. Successful strategies and strengths to further leverage in upcoming campaigns.
  2. Ineffective processes that need improvement or elimination.
  3. Common pitfalls to avoid and potential quick wins.

The Importance of a HubSpot Audit

A HubSpot audit should assess both the measurable performance and overall potential of your HubSpot setup. In doing so, you can uncover key insights to guide your future strategies, streamline your daily workflows, and enhance the return on your HubSpot investment. Some key areas to consider include:

  • Feature Utilization: Are you making the most of HubSpot’s marketing, sales, CMS, and CRM tools? HubSpot adds dozens or even hundreds of new features every quarter, so it’s important to stay on top of these releases.
  • Performance Assessment: How has your brand's performance evolved since integrating HubSpot? Evaluate metrics like conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, sales revenue, website traffic, and email engagement.
  • ROI Analysis: What trends are you seeing in returns, and what strategies could you use to strengthen these metrics?
  • Benchmarking: How does your marketing and sales performance stack up against industry benchmarks? Identify where you stand compared to competitors and pinpoint areas for improvement.

How To Conduct a HubSpot Audit in 7 Steps

Auditing HubSpot's Marketing and Sales Hubs can seem daunting due to their complexity. To ensure a thorough audit, focus on these key areas:

Settings, Users, and Permissions:

Start by evaluating system security, user permissions, and account activity. Ensure sensitive data is accessible only at appropriate access levels.

Contact and Company Properties:

Review the relevance and organization of your company properties. Clean up duplicates and streamline property fields for easier access.

Email List and Performance:

The cornerstone of any HubSpot campaign. Assess list relevance, segment emails effectively, and eliminate duplicates to improve engagement rates.

Tracking Codes:

Verify the placement and functionality of all HubSpot and third-party analytics tracking codes.


Test each workflow for effectiveness and logic, ensuring they align with your marketing objectives and function correctly. Review associated content for relevance and accuracy.

Deal and Lifecycle Stages:

Examine each stage in your CRM for clarity, relevance, and effectiveness in lead nurturing and progression.

Reports and Dashboards:

Review report metrics, data sources, and timeframes. Tailor reports and dashboards to align with your goals and objectives.

Final Thoughts on HubSpot Audits

While the thought of conducting a HubSpot audit may seem overwhelming at first, understanding the key areas to examine and following a structured approach can simplify the process. 

If you need more guidance or hands-on support, it can help to loop in an experienced HubSpot partner like WEBITMD. Our team has helped 100+ organizations make the most of HubSpot by auditing, streamlining, and aligning the platform with their organizational goals and objectives. To learn more about our services, download our free Growth Stack Guide or contact us today.

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