Everything You Need To Know About Klaviyo

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Monica Vargas
By Monica Vargas

September 5, 2023

Here’s the hard truth: if you're not leveraging software tools to help manage and automate your marketing campaigns, you could be missing out on some serious growth. 

That’s where Klaviyo comes in. Klaviyo is one of the most popular marketing automation tools out there — and for good reason. In this article, we’ll dive into what Klaviyo is, what features it offers, and why it can be such a game-changing addition to your marketing toolbelt. 

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an automation tool built primarily for email and SMS marketing. The tool helps centralize customer data across multiple channels, segment audiences, and send highly personalized messages to your customers. While Klaviyo works best for eCommerce brands, it can still come in handy for businesses without an online store. 

With Klaviyo, you can easily segment your contact list and send out targeted workflows based on customers’ interactions with your brand. From there, you can use the software to analyze campaign performance and continue to optimize. 

Why Should You Use Klaviyo in Your Marketing Strategy?

Klaviyo has some impressive capabilities you can take advantage of to improve your marketing and customer communication. Here’s why it might be worth adding the tool to your tech stack:

  • All-in-one solution: With Klaviyo, you have all the advanced features and resources you need for successful email, SMS, and push marketing campaigns. From campaign planning to automation and analytics, you’ve got all you need within a single platform. 
  • Easy integrations: Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with a host of third-party marketing applications such as Shopify, Salesforce, and a whole lot more. That means you don’t have to juggle countless tools to handle your processes. 
  • Automated workflows: The top-notch automation features Klaviyo offers help you manage many of your communication workflows, freeing up bandwidth for other important tasks. 
  • Data analytics: In addition to collecting and organizing data, the cutting-edge data science of the Klaviyo platform helps you make informed decisions and continue to optimize your strategies. 
  • Easy-to-use: Klaviyo is very user-friendly, which can’t be said for a lot of other marketing tools out there. It has a modern interface and if you happen to run into issues, there’s plenty of customer support to help out. 
  • Better conversions: Let’s be honest — a software tool can’t create conversions out of thin air. But the segmentation, personalization and analytics features available with Klaviyo definitely make it easier to drive sales and boost revenue. 

What Specific Features Does Klaviyo Offer?

Here are the main features Klaviyo brings to the table: 

  • Comprehensive activity dashboard
  • Email and SMS marketing components 
  • Robust integration and data storage 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Advanced audience segmentation and personalization
  • Responsive templates 
  • AI content creation 
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Automate Email and SMS Flows with Klaviyo

These days, automation and AI tools are all the rage in the marketing world — and that’s not expected to change anytime soon. Klaviyo offers a range of automation opportunities to handle some of the heavy lifting with customer communciation. Here’s some common marketing flows you can automate with the tool: 

  • Welcome series 
  • Abandoned cart 
  • Win-back / reactivation 
  • Post-purchase 
  • Customer birthday / countdown-to-birthday 
  • Announcements / reminders
  • Back-in-store or price-drop alerts
  • Order status alerts
  • Thank you emails

Level Up Your Customer Communication

How you communicate with your customers is crucial to standing out in your market and building an excellent brand. Klaviyo makes it easy to manage those communications with automated flows and campaigns. 

Overall, it’s a great tool for establishing meaningful connections with your customers — which is key to growing and scaling your business. We recommend giving it a try! 

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