How To Use HubSpot Conditional Property Logic [+ 3 Examples]

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Kirsten Forrester
By Kirsten Forrester

November 16, 2023

HubSpot has officially released its Conditional Property Logic feature for all Hubs with a Professional or Enterprise subscription. This adds to the numerous tools that make HubSpot a must-have for marketing, sales, and customer service teams. Read on for everything you need to know about using HubSpot's Conditional Property Logic feature for your business. 

What is HubSpot Conditional Property Logic?

HubSpot Conditional Property Logic is a feature that enables users to set conditional logic for their enumeration properties. Therefore, admins can control which properties to display, whether optional or required, depending on another property's value. It can be used with HubSpot custom objects, companies, deals, contacts, and tickets. 

The conditional property logic is triggered when creating a new record with the ‘create record’ form, and when editing an existing record from the record page or index page. Users will not be able to save their inputs unless the conditional property logic is satisfied. 

The HubSpot Conditional Property Logic feature is available for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions across HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, Services, Operations, and CMS hubs. 

How Do You Set Up HubSpot Conditional Property Logic?

HubSpot users must have super admin permissions to set up their accounts' Conditional Property logic feature. Here are the main steps to complete the setup

  • Click the Settings icon in your account.
  • Navigate and click Properties in the left sidebar menu.
  • Select one of the options between Ticket, Deal, Contact, or Custom Object on the dropdown menu. 
  • Click the Conditional Property Logic tab.


  • Click Create Logic to add a conditional logic. This will bring you to the logic editor. 
  • Set up the controlling property: 
    • Click Controlling Property in the dropdown menu and select Property in the form that appears to trigger the Conditional Logic.
    • Click the Value dropdown menu and select Option to add properties. 

  • Set up the dependent properties that appear. Here's what to do:
    • Click Add Dependent Property, and choose your preferred property.
    • Select the Required checkbox to mark a property as Required. Please note that you can only update or create a record once you set the property's value. 
    • To reorder your properties, click and drag a property to a new position. 
  • Click Save Logic to complete setting up the Conditional Property Logic.

The logic will appear once you create a new record or edit an existing one. 

Use Cases for the HubSpot Conditional Property Logic

HubSpot Conditional Property Logic can be used differently depending on your preferred HubSpot hub. Here are three examples of its potential use cases: 

Sales Hub: Closed Lost Reason

If a user changes the deal status to "closed lost," the feature automatically showcases the "closed lost reason" property and sets it to “required”. If the "closed lost reason" value is set to "lost to a competitor," then the "competitor name" property will appear and be set to “optional”. 

Marketing Hub: Mobile Phone Number Capture

If a user selects “text” as a contact’s “preferred communication channel,” the “mobile phone number” property appears and is set to required.

Sales Hub: High-priority Deal Information

If deal priority is set to "high”, then the "amount" and "forecast category" deal properties are set as required. If the deal priority is set to “low” or “medium,” then “amount” and “forecast category” are set as optional.

Learn More about HubSpot Conditional Property Logic with WEBITMD

HubSpot’s new Conditional Property Logic feature can improve your data quality and ensure consistent processes are followed across all of your users and Hubs. When it comes to leveraging this feature, the possibilities are truly almost endless!

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